Final Fantasy Type-0 HD copies out in the wild

GearNuke writes: "If you live in a country where publishers are unable to enforce release dates then better check up with your local games supplier as copies of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD are out in the wild"

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Snookies12954d ago

If only I could snag mine already...

DarkOcelet954d ago (Edited 954d ago )

Its already in the middle east here since stores here don't have to wait to sell it because they dont enforce release dates here which is awesome but i didn't get it yet. I am thinking about it but since i finished Type 0 already, i might wait until the price is dropped abit.

Snookies12954d ago

Yeah, I was considering playing Type-0 after the English patch for it dropped. Kind of glad I held off though, as the HD version looks really pretty for a PSP game.

DarkOcelet954d ago

I will definitely get it but to be honest. That blur effect is way too much. Hopefully there is a way to shut it off. Its not a good idea to put so much blur in a fast paced game like this.

sssb954d ago

I may get my copy tomorrow insha allah.

DarkOcelet954d ago

Its a great game, i hope you have fun with it.

Btw where are you from?

Toman85954d ago

I have the game on Playstation 4, got it today. Live in Norway for the record.
It's a amazing game, a game that I didn't get from Japan on PSP.

Tapani954d ago

I wonder why Japanese PSN doesn't even have the game, if the release is in four days...

pivotplease954d ago

Curious about how the reviews will pan out for this game. Even the terrible FFXIII did well critically. This could be the start of a comeback for Square assuming we get XV and KH3 and they live up to the hype.

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