Take-Two "very pleased" with Evolve sales

President Karl Slatoff says digital revenues, attach rate for Season Pass have been very strong

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Digital_Anomaly1079d ago

Well when you offer a shit ton of DLC it's inevitable there's suckers out there to buy it. Evolve is the perfect example of overdoing it on DLC... waaaaay too much. The worst thing is that for every sucker who buys it the message is sent to developers that this practice is perfectly ok and the worse it gets!

rdgneoz31079d ago

Yep, though if you look at the player base on steam, it has dropped a ton. Article the other day was saying peak was about 27k, while the 24 hour peak (about the 9th) was 5.4kish.

Anthotis1079d ago

A shame they can't get refunds, but then they brought it on their own mindless selves by buying this utter crap.

Still, i'd prefer Take Two lost rather than gained in this case.

MrGEE1079d ago

try pirate bay for games like this ,has reasonable price and tons of dlcs

guitarded771079d ago

Yup. We need more gamers to stand up against these practices and close our wallets.

DarkOcelet1079d ago (Edited 1079d ago )

". Digital has been very strong for us, not only with full game downloads but also the attach rate for our season pass has been very strong. "

Offcourse those greedy bastards wants games to go all digital because once you buy it, there is no way to refund your game. Take Two is a POS company.

-Foxtrot1079d ago

All the suckers who bought this DLC fest game....just ends up being bad for all of us at the end of the day

Thanks guys ¬¬

DarkOcelet1079d ago

I actually pity the people who bought this game without knowing about their dlc plans or how its light on content. I can see this game will decline very soon.

Blackleg-sanji1079d ago

Why gamers why? Sigh their dlc plan is gonna spread like wild fire

Xavior_Reigns1079d ago

Why? Because the new generation of gamers have been conditioned to believe these practices are alright, along with a few "veteran" gamers.

WizzroSupreme1079d ago

I'm sure they are. Money talks.

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The story is too old to be commented.