Amiibo Review: Unboxing and putting the new toy from Nintendo through its paces - Express

AMIIBO is Nintendo's entry into the NFC toy market that started with Skylanders and is finding great success with Disney Infinity. Is it any good?

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DryBoneKoopa851223d ago

I own all three waves of Amiibo and have the complete Super Mario line of Amiibo (Gold Mario as well!) pre ordered for Mario Party 10.

I was keeping them in the box but decided to take them out and display them on my Nintendo media shelf. They look amazing and I love all the little extras they bring to almost every Nintendo game that comes out.

Last night, I was playing Kirby and the Rainbow Curse with my wife and we came to the world 5 boss. I scanned in my King DeDeDe Amiibo and gave myself two extra hit bars to make the boss fight go a little bit smoother.

Its cool little things like these that help make the Amiibo more beneficial to the player and justify their worth.

MNGamer-N1223d ago

Good I'm glad you took them out of the package. I let my Shulk sit in the package for a bout a week, he looked really nice and comfy in there. But they should be used... So I took him out. Plus the packages are so bulky.

I think I want to build a nice wooden display shelf I can add to my gaming room to display all of my amiibo.

DryBoneKoopa851223d ago

One thing I was thinking about grabbing was those Skylander sky land play sets and putting my Amiibo on those. It would look like they were standing on some sort of grassy plain lol.