5 Reasons Virtual Reality (VR) Will Undoubtedly Fail

We're on the verge of gaming's 'next big thing' being available to the masses and while VR certainly sounds like a great idea there are some undeniable hurdles that will hold it back from truly succeeding the way developers are hoping.

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LifeInNZ1226d ago

I'm not sure which way VR will go and will play a wait and see game myself. Obviously its not geared towards local multiplayer, not initially anyway, which does not make it a good fit in my house. I do like the way Sony's headset has HDMI out so at least we can see what is being played, although not sure about the practicality of running a 5 metre HDMI cable to the TV.

UnHoly_One1226d ago

I've been saying the same things as this article since day one, plus a sixth point, which is that it totally cuts you off from the outside world.

That'd be fine for the people that game in a room by themselves, but gamers are growing up and there aren't a lot of those types of gamers left.

I like that my girlfriend can see and hear everything I'm doing. We talk and joke about stupid stuff that happens or goofy things I do in the game or whatever.

Put me in a VR world and all of that is gone. I hate that idea.

His other points I mostly agree with as well.

The ability to move isn't a big deal for a "normal" game, but with VR it seems necessary. Looking at my TV doesn't convince me that I'm in the world of Skyrim. Having a mini TV plastered to my face won't either, if I still interact with it in the exact same way.

The "uncomfortable" factor remains to be seen. I haven't worn one of these things so can't speak from experience, but I get tired of wearing the light little chat headset that only covers one ear after a few hours. I can't imagine wearing one of these for a long time.

Price will certainly be a factor. Even if it is cheaper than anyone thinks it is going to be. If it costs half as much as the competing console, how many people are going to just skip it and save for that? Or buy a few games or whatever?

I'm just really, REALLY skeptical. I have a hard time seeing it take off, at least from a gaming perspective. Maybe for other applications.

I'm a little more open to the idea of MS hololens for gaming, just because I feel like it would more likely be used to augment traditional games. Putting the hud or some menus floating out next to the TV screen, for instance, just to expand your view, without cutting you off from the outside world.

Who knows, maybe I'll be proven wrong. :)

s45gr321226d ago

I want to say you're wrong,but the reality is you're correct.

mushroomwig1226d ago (Edited 1226d ago )

1) You Can’t Move Around

Really? That's a problem? You don't move around when you're slumped on a sofa using a controller so how is it any difference?

2) Connectivity and Power Will Be A Nightmare

'you are going to want a VR head set to be wireless, otherwise it defeats the purpose from the get-go.'

Well, not really. Input lag is vital for VR to be immersive and a wireless connection isn't going to help that. Gamers didn't seem to have a problem with the decades of wired controllers that existed before the wireless standard.

3) It Will Be Way Too Uncomfortable

Well that definitely is an opinion, it'll be no awkward than how people wear headsets while gaming

4) VR Will Be Very Expensive

New products and technology will always be very expensive, that's nothing new.

5) The Technology Still Isn’t Very Good

The technology is as good as it needs to be for VR to work, things will obviously improve as times goes on but right now it's fine.

Using the word "Undoubtedly" in an opinion article just seems silly to me.

amiga-man1226d ago (Edited 1226d ago )

WOW mushroomwig, thank you for breaking down the points from the article, the article seems to be looking for issues and in all honesty if that is the best he can come up with his argument looks pretty weak.

VR is about far more than gaming and a lot of money is being invested from several companies into bringing it to the mass market, VR is coming and is here to stay I'm sure, whether that is in any of it's current forms time will tell, but it will continue to evolve into far more than is being shown now..

I'm looking forward to it.

Kurt Russell1226d ago

This is a very short sighted opinion. The company I work for is creating exciting things for VR outside of gaming, even down to communicating work flows and engine builds across the country. We believe it has a lot of potential to streamline a lot of processes in the workplace.

Mulletino1226d ago (Edited 1226d ago )

I agreed with none of these points from the article either. One one hand the author talkd about vr in the future but on the other hand it is like he's speaking from a scenario where technology just suddenly stops advancing. It's safe to say that the author will not be getting a job in R&D for Sony or Facebook any time soon :)

My vita remote play works perfectly. Granted I have fast Internet but still they don't try to hide the fact that it does require a high connection speed from you.

They're reaching for sure.

s45gr321226d ago

In VR movement is critical to immerse the player into the game world. So, strongly believe kinect may finally become useful once VR takes off.

Pandamobile1226d ago (Edited 1226d ago )

Kinect was just a stepping stone to Holo Lens. Holo uses the same depth mapping tech as Kinect to allow it to project 3D graphics on real-world objects.

Also solving a full-body character from Kinect depth data gives pretty janky results (i.e, a lot of noise in the capture data). For VR input you need a lot more precise position and rotation data.

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MrDead1226d ago

These are the “5 Reasons Virtual Reality (VR) Will Undoubtedly Fail”

You Can’t Move Around
Connectivity and Power Will Be A Nightmare
It Will Be Way Too Uncomfortable
VR Will Be Very Expensive (We don’t know that)
The Technology Still Isn’t Very Good

He obviously has had very little interaction with VR

If they are his only concerns then the future looks very bright for VR gaming.

Why N4G can’t you put opinion pieces in their own category?

smolinsk1226d ago (Edited 1226d ago )

First of all its a gadget, its not gonna outface gaming as we know it today for many years, its just a gadget for some extra fun, thats how i see it.

And he is wrong about the pricing, its gonna be around 250 Dollars for sure, sony is not stupid,

A very high price is gonna set a stop for any sale for the mainestream/casual gamer very fast.

SpinalRemains1381226d ago

It all hinges on one factor.


If porn is easily accessible and interactive, then its going to be the deciding factor.

Just like the battle between VHS and Beta and Blu-Ray/HD DVD, that which strongly supports porn wins!

Just the simple truth.

LifeInNZ1226d ago

If thats the case then there is no way im buying a second hand VR headset Lol

If VR makes it seem more real I'm guessing prostitution will see a decline in clientele? Finally, if something is successful does that mean porn is to credit? Does that explain why PS4 has sold over 20 million units?

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