PAX East 2015: Starwhal Review | Mammoth Gamers

Many games can never quite tell their full story in the title. To put all the blood, sweat, and tears that come with making a game into just a few words can be daunting. Will the audience understand the vision? Will the title hook them enough to see the trailer where they will learn the full story? Starwhal nails it across the board with a title that is exactly what it sounds like: narwhals in space!

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mixelon1201d ago

Lol wow, hell of a score.

It is a lot of fun with friends, and the map selection is good. What a weird game. Good to see imaginative stuff like this make it to consoles, and also good to see some people appreciate it, however niche it is.

WizzroSupreme1201d ago

Looks like this was the indie game to beat at this PAX East.