PS4 Passes 1.2 Million Units Sold in Japan as the Big Japanese Games Start Hitting Hard

Japan is finally receiving its share of PS4 Japanese games, and the PS4 has been pushed past 1.2 million in life time sales as a result.

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Concertoine1225d ago (Edited 1225d ago )

Do we really need an update for every 100k sold Dualshockers?

The ps4 has been slow in japan because it hasnt been Sony's priority... of course when the japanese games start coming out it'll kick off.

Im curious to see Bloodborne's effect WW.

Mister_G1225d ago

Agreed. Some of my friends are xbox fans but are buying a PS4 just for Bloodborne.

SoapShoes1225d ago

Yeah I know some people who have never owned a PlayStation and are buying one for BB due to the lack of exclusives on their system. Not a lot and it's just antecodal but other companies are hurting themselves by having a barren first half.

Concertoine1225d ago

It'll probably be the first next gen game besides smash that i sink hundreds of hours into.

nowitzki20041225d ago

Exclusives have been slow on both sides. They will be happy when they have both consoles to collect games for.

S2Killinit1225d ago (Edited 1225d ago )

Even before Bloodborne hits, I think the best reason to buy a PS4 right now is Helldivers. I swear the game is intensely fun when played with buddies. You will laugh, scream, get pissed off, all at the same time.

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Spotie1224d ago

You could always just avoid the articles...

BG115791225d ago

I believe it's also because of the Dragon Quest effect!

Skankinruby1225d ago

Gotta credit them for not getting suckered into the hype. Now they're seeing the games they've been waiting for and the sales numbers are reflecting it

SoapShoes1225d ago (Edited 1225d ago )

Yet it was the #1 console last year in Japan. There is no hype in the west, if there was how do you explain Xbox One selling so well right now despite having no big exclusives for the first eight to ten months. Heres the reason last gen went on too long and PS4 is getting more games than its competition. Simple as...

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1225d ago

Why is it that there are so few console gamers in Japan now?. Growing up I always thought that Japan had the most gamers in the world but it seems I was completely wrong. 1.2 systems seems so low to me and it always makes me wonder why a lot of devs over there decide to make some of there games for Japan only when they would make SOOO much more money if they released them in the west as well.

hkgamer1224d ago

percentage wise it is probably one of the biggest markets. not sure about now. you are also probably looking at it from a US point of view where your population is ridiculously big. compare it to countries like UK, spain, france or germany and its totally different.

anyway, games dont come out of japan because japanese studios are small and budget is probably even smaller, they target the japanese audience first because they know what they want and it may not make sense to release it to other countries. localisation costs a lot especially if you want to pay voice actors. marketing will cost even more.

anyway, japanese culture is too different to western cultures and anime style games just ain't that big. its true that it is a lot easier now with digital content but we probably wont pay as much for a visual novel as what they would.

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1224d ago

Lots of western gamers love Japanese style of games though. I don't they understand that honestly becasue of the massive success of games like COD and Assassins Creed and they think that we only like those kind of games which is false. Their studios would grow if they would release more games here.

hkgamer1224d ago

think about the yakuza(ryu ga gotoku) series, in NA&EU it has sold around 1 million copies spanning y1-4 & dead souls.

It's too big of a risk to localise games that probably end up selling 10,000 copies.

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1224d ago

Demon's Souls wasn't released outside of Japan and a select few Asian countries but a year later they decided to release it in the West and that was the best decision they ever made. We now are on the fourth "souls" game with Bloodborne because of the overwhelming success of the franchise overseas. Final Fantasy Type 0 and Xenoblade Chronicles are other examples. I just think they need to think about releasing more games outside of Japan because most of the time they don't understand the goldmine they possess with their games.

pivotplease1225d ago

Between DQ, Type 0, FFXV, Persona, and Disgaea things could get very real in Japan. The only thing missing is Monster Hunter and then Japan would implode because of PS4 OD.