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Since the launch of this console generation, gamers have been waiting for that must have title; a game that tells an excellent story, boasts the expected bump in graphical quality, and is fun to play. Well, such a game is finally here, and it’s called Ori and the Blind Forest.

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lifeisgamesok1225d ago

Wow so many perfect and near perfect scores

DanzoSAMA1225d ago (Edited 1225d ago )

Microsoft bring the quality.

Unreal011225d ago Show
Christopher1225d ago

Why do people congratulate the publisher and not the developer?

Septic1225d ago

Hehe Chris. Don't ask silly questions.

pivotplease1225d ago

The hipocrisy is amusing. I'm selling my Xbox friends on this game to make sure it gets the sales it deserves. That and I can probably play it on one of their systems. ;)

magiciandude1225d ago

Even though the game wasn't developed by a Microsoft studio, did Microsoft not fund Moon?

Christopher1225d ago (Edited 1225d ago )

***Even though the game wasn't developed by a Microsoft studio, did Microsoft not fund Moon?***

And obviously that funding is what made the developers produce a good game? Had nothing to do with the talent of the developers?

Look, this is a huge win for MS. No two ways about that. But, give the developers the credit they deserve and stop focusing on MS or Sony only mentality.

I said this exact same thing with Sunset Overdrive and how nice their game came out. I said the exact same thing about Driveclub when I said management should be changed and some people should get fired. This isn't about Sony or MS. These are studios with their own groups of managers and developers. They deserve to be congratulated or criticized instead of all that focus being put on the publisher/console manufacturer.

Now, that's as far off topic as I want to take this.

So, in conclusion: Big up congratulations to Moon Studios and man do I hope they keep making good games. Quality developers are hard to find, and I love it when we find new ones. Especially one that's able to put together a game like this with a distributed staff when other studios can't come together to make a good game when they work side-by-side for years. That shows a focus in design and development goals that are very well managed.

u4one1225d ago (Edited 1225d ago )

@unreal: indie games are fine -especially when they hit this level of quality. It's when you go upgrade your console after 7 years to get more power and most of your options are small arcade games to play on it is the problem. Sony had barely any major aaa exclusives so they crammed indies down our throats... And yes I own a ps4.

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DonFreezer1225d ago

Yet metacritic once again nitpicks the worse to lower the score of the game? How can every game have a higher average score on N4G from more sites than metacritic.

YodaCracker1225d ago

Metacritic does not pick and choose the reviews on an individual game basis. There is a set list of publications whose reviews are included for every game. They tend to include more well-established and trusted reviewers, whereas on N4G people submit reviews from unknown blogs and so on.

annoyedgamer1225d ago

Moon Studios has a bright future.

WCxAlchemist1225d ago

Gae is amazing. 6hrs in and more 2go

ChronoJoe1225d ago

This game looks great. Time for for me to dust off the XBOX ONE I think, last time I used it was for Sunset Overdrive.

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The story is too old to be commented.