Bloodborne Dev Would Like To See More Casual Players, Admits Van Helsing Influence

Bloodborne dev Jun Yoshino would like to see more casual players in the game this time, thanks to coop mode. Also admits Van Helsing influence.

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LavaLampGoo1229d ago

Would be an interesting an idea, but I can understand that a lot of mpre casual players might find themselves put off by the difficulty. I cant wait though!

breakpad1229d ago

i dont like that they have the casuals in mind , undermines the difficulty ....but i hope for NG+ the game will level up to extreme difficulty as Demon Souls ...

Septic1229d ago (Edited 1229d ago )

When casuals play Bloodborne and encounter its difficulty:

Que complaints about the game being broken.

Mega241229d ago

Casuals get enough games, let us (core gamers) have something once in a while. I know they are the majority, and usually are the one developers appeal to, since they buy on impulse.

JJShredder1229d ago

Not sure how to take this. I don't want the Souls series of games being dumbed down just to appeal to wider audience. Their mainstay will always be unrelenting difficulty and it needs to stay that way.

I do like the co-op aspect with codes as that will be nice but I am also a little worried about network performance in PvP. People are going to be rolling around all over the place and the past games have had issues with hit detection and lag-stabs.

With that said, this is still my most anticipated game next to the Witcher 3 and I hope I am wrong about this.

Alexious1229d ago

Don't really think it'll be dumbed down in any way. Hopefully network performance will be good though!

GameDev11229d ago

Being dumb downed is not the point he was making about casuals

He wants more casuals players to be involved through co-op if the things get difficult and too frustrating

The main game with no help or co-op will still be for the hardcore players

Edge magazine have gotten their hands on it and say it is very much hardcore, even more than the previous souls games

Fro_xoxo1229d ago

Can Bloodborne be the first 'souls' game to go from niche to mainstream?

I think it's releasing in an optimal period. It should benefit from that.

kaiserfranz1229d ago

Could be. It certainly didn't help that there was no way to connect with a friend, now with the "secret word" system it should be easier.

FullmetalRoyale1229d ago (Edited 1229d ago )

Today's secret word is 'banana'.

Goodness we have less than two weeks left!

Septic1229d ago

Yeah it is. All eyes are on Bloodborne now after the critical failings of The Order and the delay of Uncharted.

Its a good thing too. The series has been neglected by many, even myself.

WESKER20151229d ago

PS4 adopted the xbox 360 casuals so it makes sense, most of the casual market owns a PS4, this is a good move and will help the game reach bigger audiences

Imp0ssibl31229d ago

It's not really fair to imply casuals were only on Xbox 360...They were on PS3 too.

kstap331229d ago

Probably more so on PS3 considering it's Blu-ray capabilities. Remember the PS3 was the cheapest and best blu ray player for years.

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The story is too old to be commented.