One Way Trip Interview: The Six Hour Hallucinatory Gamble on PS4

GamingBolt:"How many times have we told you about a game being bizarre? How many times have you believed us (all the times, we hope) and then experienced the game for yourself before deciding it wasn’t that weird? Well we can tell you without a shadow of a doubt that PS4 and PS Vita indie title One Way Trip is perhaps the most bizarre game ever created. While the story focuses on a nation which has been poisoned via its water supply and now has six hours to live, each and every character is under the effect of hallucinogens. To quote the developer, “it’s an atmospheric exploration of what it would be like to find out you and most everyone you love is about to die, and then have to process that while your limbs turn into cartoon dolphins.”

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ab5olut10n1196d ago

this sounds pretty awesome

o-Sunny-o1196d ago

Sounds great to me. I love dolphins. :)