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vishmarx1048d ago (Edited 1048d ago )

just take your time and make it the masterpiece it deserves to be.
ND is one of the few devs ill blindly support through the delay.theyve earned that much by making every single game they make worth the wait.
there are plenty of games this year anyways...
not even gonna bother naming them , the list is pretty huge.
no one needs to cram everything into fall just for heck of it.that just leaves the entire remaining year barren

releasing it this year along with mgs 5,witcher 3, battlefront, possibly mass effect would of made the goty awards a bloobath anyways
that being said, sony still needs a biggie for holidays.
fingers crossed for TLGps4 lol.e3 reveal>psx announcement that the game will be available starting!boom!

TomShoe1048d ago (Edited 1048d ago )

Sorry about reserving this post, I just wanted to make a poignant statement before people start getting upset or cackle that "SONY HAS NOTHING!" I won't lie, I'm disappointed that I won't be able to play Uncharted 4 until next year, but this is for the best. With the slew of AAA disappointments we have been dealing with throughout all of 2014 and leading into 2015. All I want is a game that delivers on the hype the first time.

I remember a Shigeru Miyamoto quote on releasing games before they're ready.

The point is that the "release now, patch later" culture is embedded way too deep in our industry, and we've already had launch disasters like MCC or DC because people were unwilling to wait. Is it so wrong to want to have a game working the first time, like I want my new car to work the first time after I buy it? I would want to take my new Corvette back to the shop for months before it's in working order. If patch culture is unacceptable in consumer products, then it should be unacceptable in gaming. If this delay causes Uncharted 4 to be a better experience as a whole, and gives me even more bang for my buck, then I'll consider it to be well worth the wait.

VenomUK1048d ago


I've been looking forward to Uncharted 4 for a very long time and all the previews reveal such promise. Of course no one wants to wait longer, but if the developers need more time to make sure the game has that triple-A polish then that's fine by me.

jackanderson19851048d ago (Edited 1048d ago )

wasn't that quote years before they could actually do patches and what not? edit: yep it was back in the N64 days way before patches and back then you had the one shot it's either working day one or tough tits the game is forever broken

some companies can't afford to delay (MS because they're getting murdered in the sales needed Halo out last christmas for example)

DC as a game itself was decent from what i recall, the servers were a piece of crap but hell you can only do so much but if the game's more popular than you think it will be then there'll be issues server side.

Also big difference between a car and a game... faulty car will kill you, faulty game will wait a couple of weeks be patched and no harm.... same with other appliances and goods

UltraNova1048d ago

Take all the time you need ND and make the best Uncharted yet!

Plus it doesn't hurt that I can cover some of my back catalog that is so damn long now its not even funny anymore.

Septic1048d ago (Edited 1048d ago )

Argh no way. This was the biggest PS exclusive of the year. What gives?

Ah well. I'd rather have the best possible version of the game than a rushed disappointment. ND know what they are doing. I'm sure.

bouzebbal1048d ago

it sucks, but does it have to do something with this?
They need to make space for it maybe? Speculation but it can make sense in the end.

Cindy-rella1048d ago

Uncharted 4 seems like itll be day one release on sonys project morpheus. It might be possible because we dont know if project morpheus will have some sort of a computer processing unit to aid the ps4. Anyway , i cant wait for project morpheus and uncharted 4.

Cupid_Viper_31048d ago (Edited 1048d ago )

The news of the game being delayed is unfortunate as it adds 6 more months of waiting to eager gamers.

But I must say that I'm shocked at the level of strange questions coming from supposedly the "more informed" group of gamers that are supposed to frequent N4G and online gaming forums. People are running around this thread asking "well if no Uncharted 4, then what else do they have for the Holidays?"

I mean cmon guys, are you folks under hypnosis or something? We're talking about supposedly informed gamers here, who don't seem to know that we get steady streams of games they get every month of this year. Or know what else would come out on the PS4 during the holidays besides Uncharted 4. Honestly, if you're asking "what else does the PS4 have this holiday?" You're either doing some "concerned trolling", or you actually really don't know and therefore the community should really not put much value in what you have to say since you're not as knowledgeable in the first place.

It sucks that they game got delayed, but it might be for several reasons. From possibly a less buggy game, to higher framerates, to implementing VR, to a better story, or gameplay elements. To sit here and pretend not to know what else the PS4 would have besides Uncharted 4 is ludicrous. Here let me help. Especially with E3 and other game shows around the corner.

Here let me help.

MLB TheShow15
Until Dawn
TearAway Unfolded
Persona 5
Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance
Street Fighter V
Rachet and Clank Redux
PlanetSide 2
Deep Down

Now a few of those games may get pushed back or not, but this is still 10 games from the top of my head and I'm sure there are more. And E3 has yet to happen and we know Sony has many studios working on games.

It's like the joker said : "plenty of games gets delayed, nobody bat an eyelash. Uncharted 4 gets delayed, and everyone loses their minds"

Septic1048d ago


BloodBorne and SF V are the only real stand out titles there for me tbh.

But remember, why are you giys guys ignoring E3? Expect 2015 games to be announced at the show.

GMR_PR1048d ago

WHAT! Noooo... I was so looking forward for this game. Maybe this means 60 FPS, that would be great.

Kribwalker1048d ago


Playing the devils advocate here, most of the games u listed there are coming out sooner then later, which like a lot of Sony fans point out about Xbox right now and its "spring exclusive drought" even though it has a handful of good exclusives out over the spring, makes for a Playstation fall exclusive drought. Microsoft has loaded the fall full of games, with what is already known not to mention if they did this year what they did last year and announce a bunch of exclusives that will launch a couple months later at E3.

Most people are talking about a large hole sony needs to fill for exclusives this fall now that uncharted is pushed back. For me this just means I will wait until next year to pick up my PS4, hopefully in an uncharted bundle with a price drop to boot

chrismichaels041048d ago (Edited 1048d ago )

Like I said during the Quantum Break rather have a delayed game be good than a rushed game be a buggy mess. We've already had enough games suffer recently from being rushed (ex: Assassins Creed Unity, DriveClub, Halo Master Chief Collection, etc...)

Christopher1048d ago

Why do gamers always worry about games being out at every moment of the year? Don't we just want a good number of games to play every year and be damned if they come out in Spring or Winter? What's with all this "hole filling" when every console producer has holes at some point in the year?

Seriously. It's just silly to see people argue about not getting games spaced out just right, or that someone has big IPs over here and not over here.

Last I checked, they both have games and we're all going to get to play them at some point in time. Yay?

Kingthrash3601048d ago

Woke up.
seen this.
slapped self to confirm i was really awake and that it wasn't a dream/nightmare.
ice on face.
slapped face home alone style when figured spring 16 is a year away.
wrote this comment. how my day went so far.
God knows how worse it will get.
i just hope we dont have 2014 all over again..delay after delay.

k3rn3ll1047d ago

I just cant believe so many people actually thought this game was going to be 2015. I never accepted that as fact and knew that that would make that game extremely hurried

Christopher1047d ago

***I just cant believe so many people actually thought this game was going to be 2015. I never accepted that as fact and knew that that would make that game extremely hurried***

When they started rewriting things last year and even cut out one of the main characters from the story, I was 50/50 on it being 2015 or 2016 release.

XBLSkull1047d ago Show
AliTheSnake11047d ago

Few months, who cares. There is a shit ton of games coming out this year. Who didn't see this coming anyways, I personally thought it would be delayed to fall 2016.
As long as the game's good.
I wonder if they're releasing an uncharted collection this fall.

@vishmarx lol, your first sentence , contradicts everything you said after it. Why say "noooo" if everything after that is supporting the delay.

Sitdown1047d ago

MCC was a disaster because people were unwilling to wait? Please explain.

Crimzon1047d ago

Well this isn't the best news but if the game needed the extra dev time then it's better to do it right than have another rushed game. It is frustrating though considering my only console is the PS4 and the games I was looking forward to this year are Bloodborne, Metal Gear Solid V and Uncharted 4. Oh well, 2 out of 3 ain't bad. Hope Sony gets their act together with their exclusives though.

Joda1047d ago (Edited 1047d ago )

yeah I agree day 1 patches are unethical. They steal our harddrive space just so they can release early and start making money early and it is cool they want it to be tip top at release

BUT the last uncharted, uncharted 3, came out in 2010, since when does it take 6 years to make a game, let alone a linear game like uncharted? Even a masterpiece like grand theft auto doesn't take 6 years to make! wtf??

Im selling the ps4. I am not a blood borne fan and I platinumed infamous ss and the dlc. I'm not gonna keep the console for indies only. I prefer forza to drive club. So without any new infamouses or uncharted I got no reason to keep the console. I might wait until e3. Its only 3 months. But man I'm pissed. Bring back Jack Trentton please, shisho hoshida and kaz hiri are killing playstation. Quit defending sony guys or they'll keep gimping out on the exclusives.

Syntax-Error1047d ago (Edited 1047d ago )

VenomUK, you must be easily amused or play a lot of cellphone games because the game DID NOT look good. It looked like Uncharted was only getting a Definitive Edition makeover like everything else. It didnt look like the masterpiece we were expecting. I knew they would push this game because if the released that crap they showed last year, they would have tarnished their name. Looks like Sony needs a boost in the exclusives department because I haven't heard too much about the titles as well. People need to understand that it isn't even spring yet for 2015 and yet they are talking spring of 2016

freshslicepizza1047d ago

is anyone really surprised by this?

sony is able to coast and push games back because hardware is selling so well. i wonder if they will have another lackluster fall line-up of exclusives? doesn't seem to matter either way, the system will sell regardless.

Sono4211047d ago

So... I was just thinking.... is it possible this was delayed for Project Morpheus support? I mean it was pushed back into the release window for it.. and they're going to need a big title to help push them right at the gate.. what better title than Uncharted 4?

joab7771047d ago

It's funny, coming off a year like 2014 that you would get more dislikes. I understand that Uncharted is much more popular than The Witcher IP but few ppl had a problem with its delay or delays. I assume everyone trusts ND as much as CD PROJEKT RED so I'm a tiny bit confused.

Ok. So, I think ND and Sony would have done themselves a service to wait a week for Bloodborne to release before announcing this. Being that everyone is still waiting for that killer Sony app that isn't broken or underwhelming, waiting for BB may have helped soften the blow a bit.

We can sit back and worry that it's b/c of past internal issues, but I don't think so. I think they are pushing hard with this game and want it to be amazing. That, and maybe they don't want to share space with CoD, Battlefront, MGS5 and possibly a huge Bethesda game.

I would have been more surprised had it actually released this yr.

BallsEye1047d ago


yea, they'll announce games that you can expect to come out in 2017 or so. How often did sony release a game same year that the announcement was made? So far 2015 doesn't look very well for Sony when it comes to exclusive. I guess...greatness awaits...and usual.

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Dark111048d ago

I knew it.. good thing there is tons of new games coming

Next Zelda or Rise of the tomb raider.

DarkOcelet1048d ago

As long as they are not broken then let them take their time with it.

ABeastNamedTariq1048d ago

I remember you saying that. I didn't believe it at first but damn.

WCxAlchemist1048d ago

No i just think ND is Trolling us hard. UC4 will release Holiday 2014 or i will go ape shit and will get rid of my ps4 there be NO reason 2own it

Farmassy1048d ago


You better go ahead and go apeshit because holiday 2014 has already past.

Also, no company would troll like this. It would be bad for their game if they gave false release dates. It's not a big deal. I would rather wait for the best game possible than get a broken one

bleedsoe9mm1048d ago

keep dreaming rise of the tomb raider is still coming this fall

k3rn3ll1047d ago

I never believe it would have come out this year either. Too rushed of a dev cycle especially after all the work put into The last of us remaster. Maybe if they had given that to a different studion to remaster but even then thats a fast turnaround for your flagship franchise moving to a new console, with new architecture, and more power to use

Mykky1047d ago

I feel pretty sure that Zelda is going to be delayed too. Also I doubt Starfox will be released before Zelda -as previously said- if Zelda comes out this year.

Metallox1047d ago

Nintendo CAN'T delay its biggest release in 2015.

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lelo2play1048d ago (Edited 1048d ago )

"Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End Coming Spring 2016"

Damn. I was hoping for a November 2015 release.

Crazyglues1048d ago (Edited 1048d ago )

I thought this game was in development since they broke the studio into two teams for The Last Of Us ---> that's what they said, one team working on The Last of Us and One team on Uncharted 4...

Seems like a really long time, I hope they didn't run into development challenges --> This one was at the top of my end of 2015 Must haves..

Guess I will just have to add that to my Spring 2016 Must haves

opoikl1048d ago

Maybe they saw what RaD achieved with The Order and they wanted to make sure U4 would live up to the newly raised graphical bar.

gatormatt801048d ago


Most of us thought ND had two teams, but last year they did an interview with gameinformer and said...

"Yeah. Two teams is probably not the best description, but two franchises is a good way to put it."

Crimzon1047d ago

Yeah, they don't have two teams at Naughty Dog. They just split resources so when a game enters full production during the development cycle, they send maybe 5% of their team to start pre-production on their next game. So while 95% of people were working on Uncharted 3, once it hit full steam about a year before launch they'd have a small group of people start early work on The Last of Us, and so on and so forth. It's the most efficient way of doing things to minimize having people sitting around doing nothing when they're not needed during late stages of development.

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traumadisaster1048d ago (Edited 1048d ago )

Then that's when I buy a ps4 with updated console.

Ps3 same thing, I bought the uncharted combo.

PC4K gaming and x1 will keep me busy until then. Heck I still play the ps360.

Plus the old ps4 games will be $15 by then.

pivotplease1048d ago

Still plenty of reasons to play the ps4 with bloodborne and persona 5 and many others on the way. That and the unnannounced game or two that will surely come.

Besides I think the Wii u has the must play games as well this year.

I'm not holding my breath for fable legends and tomb raider is timed and quantum is likely delayed so like last year I'm hoping the x1 crowd are huge halo fans.

I'm really hoping for a Bethesda release this year as well.

nitus101047d ago

I wasn't going to wait till Uncharted 4 came out anyway before getting a PS4. I think the Action/Adventure and RPG games that are out and will be coming out will be enough to tide me over till Uncharted finally comes out. For me an RPG bundle (hopefully including Boodborne and Dark Souls 2) will be a must buy.

Then again if Elder Scrolls 6 comes out then I won't care if Uncharted is pushed back again.


I have not played a Persona game yet and I have read good reviews on them so I guess Persona 5 will be a definite maybe. Now if we can somehow extend time to say 40 hours in the day allowing 10 hours to sleep, and do other more mundane things. :-)I

otherZinc1048d ago ShowReplies(3)
PunisherRevenge1048d ago

Wow....that sucks. Was really looking forward to playing uncharted 4 this year.Oh well release it when it's ready.

DOMination-1048d ago

Seems like Sony was scared of Tomb Raider

pivotplease1047d ago

Considering U2 and 3 and TLoU are vastly superior to the last TR (those terrible animations and sloppy death sequences aside), TR2 is going to have to be twice the game of its predecessor to even begin to compete. That and PS4 gets both games regardless.

That's right. I fed the troll.

FITgamer1047d ago If that were case (which it isn't) they'd more likely launch early than 5-6 months later.

guyman1046d ago

O, you mean the timed exclusive which will eventually come to ps4 which isnt better than uncharted 4?

DLConspiracy1047d ago

I'm not sure why people expected it to be this year. All signs pointed to next year. Its not a bad thing.

daxter19191047d ago

Look Here:

2015: All Playstation (PS4) Exclusive Games (220+ Games with screens inside)

jc121047d ago

not gonna lie, this game getting delayed sux ballz.

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Outsider-G1048d ago

Take the much time needed Naughty Dog to create another masterpiece :)

ltachiUchiha1048d ago

Hopefully they can have another team bring an Uncharted Remastered Collection for those who haven't played the other Uncharted games. That would be sweet but damn I was hoping UC4 would drop this year but oh well, cant have everything the way we want it.

Bloodjunkie1047d ago

yes, we should think positiv. Now we have much more time to play bloodborne!!

KiwiViper851047d ago

A full year? I hope there's that much content, but doubt it.

Bloodjunkie1047d ago

dark souls had easily content for one year. so i hope bloodborne will too

Forn1048d ago (Edited 1048d ago )

There will be a lot of games to play this year regardless, and I want U4 to be as amazing as possible, so take your time ND, we all know it'll be worth it.

yuukiliu1048d ago

Already paid for my Digital Download copy lol. A little extra time this holidays to play games I already own? No problems with that. The best trilogy of last gen(imo) GOTY 2016 most likely.

jackanderson19851048d ago (Edited 1048d ago )

huh wonder what MS is gonna do now... wasn't TR supposed to be their answer to UC?

Also what does this do for Sony's christmas period, they can't really go through a second one without an exclusive blockbuster (well they could but it wouldn't look good)

edit: hardly a sweeping statement, it's a fact at the moment their christmas time is looking bleak, last years was bleak... no point going "oh E3 they'll announce a mega blockbuster that hasn't been announced before and that'll be it"

garos821048d ago

there are tons of game shows to go before christmas and there are tons of 1st party studios still silent on their games. Wait for E3 before you make a sweeping statement like that

Also i trust Naughty Dog and am patiently awaiting

uptownsoul1048d ago (Edited 1048d ago )

The only way you can claim PS4's Christmas time is bleak is because Sony spread's its exclusives throughout the calendar year unlike it's competition…Sony could have just as good of Christmas time if it held all of its exclusives till after August

And for the record, I'd love to see a Uncharted Collection this holiday


And exactly what exclusives did Sony hold on to? Name ONE Blockbuster exclusive Sony has released since Xmas. Your say that Sony held off on releasing exclusives during the busiest shoppong season in order to spread out their games? That makes no sense.

uptownsoul1047d ago (Edited 1047d ago )


What are you taking about, Sony DOESN'T hold on to exclusives till the end of the year. Thats what Xbox does.

Sony could have held Yakuza 0, BloodBorne and Ratchet & Clank till Holiday 2015. Instead, Yakuza 0 is coming out March 12, Bloodborne is March 24, and Ratchet & Clank is coming out around the movie release (which is scheduled for the summer; has already had VIP screenings - )

As far as busiest shopping season: 1) Sony doesn't have a problem moving PS4 products, 2) Why set your biggest games up to compete with HUGE AAA multi plats that you know will sell huge (i.e. CoD, NBA 2K, FIFA, etc.)

Spreading the games out is partially the reason why PS4 has sold over 81.8Million PS4 games as of Jan, 4th 2015

pivotplease1048d ago

My guess is Microsoft will end up with an extra (timed) exclusive for this fall and people will lose it and say Microsoft has all the games despite their 8 month drought. Then we'll see another 8 month drought while U4 and another exclusive or two hit the ps4 in the first half of 2016. I'm fine with that though. I game all year long and actually have less time to game Q4.

thelwebb1001047d ago

8 Month drought? Bro XB1 has been putting out good exclusives in late 2014, it's time for Sony to drop exclusives at this point.

Christopher1048d ago (Edited 1048d ago )

*** they can't really go through a second one without an exclusive blockbuster***

Why not? They did fine last year without one. The most sold games on both platforms were primarily third-party titles during the same period and what pushed XBO sales higher (but not above PS4 WW) were pricing and free games, not exclusives.

Kavorklestein1048d ago

Yeah but the difference this time around is: halo 5 IS coming out this year, And rise of the Tomb Raider as well, while Sony will have almost nothing in the AAA category exclusive wise in Q4.

I'm not saying that the ps4 is doomed or anything it's obviously doing just fine,but I do however think this is really bad news for people who had their hopes up for it coming out this year, like myself... That's when I was going to get a ps4... Now I can just wait till I can actually afford it so it's actually somewhat good news lol

Christopher1048d ago (Edited 1048d ago )

@Kavorklestein: You should note the quoted part I'm replying to where the user said "can't really go through..."

I get that the PS4 may not do as well as XBO w/o any exclusives compared to MS having two or more big ones. But, can't go through a second one when the last one showed them winning out for the Holiday season? I think some people are being drama queens here.

jackanderson19851048d ago (Edited 1048d ago )

in my defence i did end the statement with "well the could but it wouldn't look good"

and what I meant was that in the two christmas periods alone the PS4 has been out, it's sold nearly 10 mil (one being hampered by massive stock shortages)

Christmas is the selling time for the consoles, generally they sell more there than they will for the rest of the year combined. Having no AAA exclusive to tout the game or exclusive content as it's not looking like MS are given up COD yet, they'll be promoting the console with the games that have been out in the market for a while.

MS on the other hand will be able to shell out 3 seperate ads: 1) Halo (being a massive platform seller, i think they average more than 7mil per title over it's life, not including spin offs)...2)Forza being a generally well received game and 3) Tomb Raider being a well known icon in the industry and if a kid or whomever sees "xbox exclusive" they'll be inclined to go with xbox

i've also seen on other forums that people were saying between the choice of UC4 and TR it's UC4... but removing the choice and limiting it to TR could well make people gravitate towards xbox rather than having to wait 4-5 months for UC to come out

not saying it won't do well but no major exclusives won't help