Great Times Ahead: Late to the GTA Party (Bearhugger70 Exploded You)

GamingLives: Someone who has avoided GTA games thus far finally dips their toes into the murky waters of Los Santos, and is seduced by Rockstar's insane attention to detail.

"And as great as all that is, it’s not why I’ve found a new love for Rockstar. This love comes from the passion that they’ve afforded their world. It may have taken me eighteen years to realise and fully appreciate what was on offer within the GTA stable, but it has literally blown me away as it goes above and beyond any in-game experience that I’ve ever had in my thirty-five years of being a gamer. In ONE single game I can drive cars, quads, motorbikes, bicycles, buses, and even tanks. I can pilot planes, helicopters, fighter jets, Chinooks, and even free-fall skydive before parachuting to (mostly) safety. I can ride jet skis, jet bikes, speed boats, yachts, and even submarines. I can even ride rollercoasters… on a motorbike."

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