Nyko Xbox One Intercooler Necessary?

Yes, Nyko is a leading 3rd party accessory/peripheral provider but I think they're blowing smoke up our ass. I have yet to encounter my Xbox One over heating, let alone making the horrendous sounds the Xbox 360 would sometimes spew out. I've even left my Xbox One on for 2 days straight, nothing, not even alarmingly warm. Below I included multiple images, most notable the Xbox One that has been taken apart, pay close attention too how large the stock fan and heat sink are. Absolutely capable of providing adequate cooling to the system. What do you think, is the Nyko Xbox One Intercooler necessary?

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IGiveHugs2NakedWomen925d ago (Edited 925d ago )

These aftermarket cooling fans will only end up obstructing the flow of air through the vents on the sides of your system, which will result in overheating and damage the internal components of your console. If you want to waste your money on this crap, that's your right to do so.

jagermaster619925d ago

When your right your right!!!

bohemian 23925d ago

And when "you're" wrong "you're" wrong.

n4rc925d ago

Hell no its not necessary..

Thing has like a 130mm fan... Its barely even warm after being on all day