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"With a lot of last-gen games getting the “Definitive Edition” treatment, Capcom is one of those companies that decided to re-release DMC Devil May Cry for PS4 and Xbox One. Similar to other titles that have received the re-release treatment, DMC Devil May Cry Definitive Edition offers a plethora of improvements and content that will entice fans who already played the game, but also to those who missed out when it was released several years ago." - JPS

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Goku7811195d ago

How does a game that was garbage compared to the real Devil may crys keep getting high scores. Are we so starved for good games, we dont have standards any more?

acdramon1195d ago

Maybe it's because it's not garbage and actually made real improvements instead of slapping on 60fps and 1080p?

It's obviously not the best DMC game, but it definitely isn't a "garbage game". The combat is how I wanted all DMC games to be for a while now and with the addition of being able to have the Style ranking system be harder to get good scores out of, you can't tell me Ninja Theory didn't listen to fans on this.

But going by your bubble amount, you most likely troll often...