How to copy HD DVD movies with your Xbox 360 and a PC

From "One of the key disadvantages of HD-DVD is no convenient way to make back-up copies of the discs. The HD-DVD spec supports what's known as a managed copy, but so far none of the HD-DVD disks I own have this feature. If I want to watch my HD content somewhere other than my Xbox, or if I want to backup my $30 investment, at this point, I have to create my own solution. Until someone starts giving me managed copies, I'm making copies of my HD-DVDs to watch them where I want to using an analog solution. Following the guidelines presented here, you can use an Xbox 360 with the HD-DVD drive [one of the few HD-DVD solutions which will output 1080i or 720p via component] and a PC to make copies of HD-DVD movies."

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Marty83704363d ago

Making a degraded copy thru analog is not making a true Hi Def copy.Pretty pointless.

MicroGamer4363d ago (Edited 4363d ago )

no point really to backing up an HD disc unless the backup is also in HD and it isn't going to be cheap to upgrade your computer to the specs that you have shown. 4 SATA drives??? If you're going to spend that much money, then you may as well buy the same HD-DVD movie twice and leave one unopened for a backup. It's cheaper. This isn't anything really "new" anyway. The spec for HD-DVD and Blu-Ray states that when you try to make a copy that isn't an approved managed copy, the quality is degraded to 480i anyway.

PS360WII4363d ago

He might as well just copy regular DVD's cuz those hd-dvd "back-ups" (and who does this fool anyways) are going to look like standard viewing. So he's basically saying 'I've found a way to copy these hd movies into lower quality picture!'