The Swapper, Life Is Strange, Never Alone & Machinarium podcast review

This week the usual suspects of Quit or Continue bring you not one, two, or even three games for you consideration, but a thigh-slapping four. Join Mike, Dave, Jack and Andy get all indie and emo as they talk Life is Strange, Never Alone, The Swapper and Machinarium.

Is The Swapper the best Sunday morning game that money can buy? Does Jack get cheap thrills by pretending he's an adolescent school girl in Life is Strange (yes, he does). Find out why the Arctic fox of Never Along makes Dave feel all warm and fuzzy inside. And see if you can explain why Andy chose Machinarium when there were so many newer games that he could have talked about instead. I'm just saying is all...

Enjoy and remember to get your thoughts to us on Shadow of Mordor and Far Cry 4 by Tuesday 17th y'all.

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