The Order: 1886 - What changes will make a sequel better?

VenomQuest: The Order 1886 is a game with so many unique and brilliant elements, however it doesn’t realise its full potential. Too many critics have rejoiced in hate without properly critiquing, so I’ve decided to be constructive! Using The Order: 1886 as a reference point I ask what changes can be made to make a sequel better?

I have come up with a few suggestions. Some you may agree with, some you many not, but I have endeavoured to make strong cases for them all. Let me know your reactions and I would love to hear any ideas you have, and maybe Ready At Dawn will listen to public suggestions, consider them and take them on board for The Order: 1887 or The Order: 1889!

WARNING: Video contains major spoilers for The Order: 1886.
Suggestions track list is on post page and YouTube page.

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qwerty6761198d ago Show
Applejack1198d ago

I'm still sticking with less intrusive gameplay and a longer story.

DarkOcelet1198d ago

Improved AI
Better Replay Value, maybe like Resident Evil 4 and Dead Space 2
Make the cutscenes skippable.
Add Super hardcore mode or something.
Add some badass looking enemies and more variety is always welcome.
Make it longer because i cant get enough.

Joda1197d ago (Edited 1197d ago )

MULTIPLAYER! (full campaign 4 player coop and team deathmatch mustaches vs. lichans)

MasterCornholio1198d ago

Some people are going to hate me for saying this but maybe it would be nice to have coop in the next game?

Also a little bit more gameplay vs cinematics would be great as well.

DougLord1198d ago

Who would hate you for asking for coop? That would be AWESOME.

Obviously more gameplay, Minimum of 8 hours of me actually in control of my character doing something other then following a NPC from scene to scene or looking at doodads that are completely irrelevant.

Make the actual fighting involve some tactics like flanking, fire suppression etc... you need to make the fighting take place in a larger 3d space not just me choosing 1 of 2 or 3 cover spots to hide behind. I need lateral and back/forward movement.

Kill all the auto fail QTEs and stealth crap. QTES are ok, but if I fail them make it have an impact on the game, not just a do over.

Two-Face1198d ago

Remove QTE completely and have atleast 90% gameplay.

BLow1198d ago (Edited 1198d ago )

So basically have it be like every other game on the market(that's an exaggeration of course). Check. I say do the same but make it longer and have more gameplay. A little more balance would be nice. But I was expecting what I got when I bought the game. A mix between heavy rain type story telling with cover shooter mechanics.

But as a developer now days, it is extremely hard to please everyone. And I don't hate QTEs. See how that works? How can they please us both? I guess that's why there are different games out on the market...

Two-Face1197d ago

How can they please us both? Well they can please me by making the gameplay the main focus you know...its a video game. How they can please you? They don't need to. We have cinema for a reason.

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