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DOA5LR is a game that is unashamed to be itself, and while its enormous selection of costumes does get pretty racy, they serve as a declarative statement that this is a game Team Ninja is proud of. DOA5LR doesn’t care what you think of how the women dress, or how much their breasts happen to bounce in battle (physics be damned), and honestly, that’s okay. You will be so busty, err, busy trying to fend off attacks, countering, and launching your own lightning speed assault that you won’t get much of a chance to ogle, save for a moment’s respite at the victory screen.

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Darkwatchman1081d ago

Finally someone that gets it and isn't an idiot

MilkMan1081d ago

I played the free version, its is a good fighter. But you cant deny that it borders on soft porn as well. I'm not complaining its DOA's "thing".
I guess my BIGGEST complaint is how they piece-meal every aspect of the game. the DLC is bananas. LOL.

Baka-akaB1081d ago (Edited 1081d ago )

thing is these days , boob jiggling physics aside and choice of details for panties aside ... other modern 3d fighters do exactly the same stuff when it comes to T&A outfits .

DOA just get stuck with that reputation as it pioneered it somehow and since the press wont let it go .

The worst costumes of DOA , even the non dlc ones , are usually stuff people can do now in Tekken ou Soul Calibur since at least the 3-4 last games ...

MilkMan1080d ago

I think you're right Soul C, be showing a lot of flesh also. LOL.

DedicatedDark1081d ago

Well, whenever I play fighting games I play as girl, unless that character is very slow. So doa is like the best, hot girls everywhere, hot girls with all types of fighting styles so we get choose the best we like and on top of that some mental relief in/after a tiring day.