Check Out This Quick Look Video Of The PS4 Version Of Project CARS

The guys over at xboxachievements and playstationtrophies have released a quick look video which takes a look at Project CARS.

The gameplay footage comes from the Playstation 4 console and Dan and Rich describe the game as “a proper sim”.

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DarkOcelet954d ago (Edited 954d ago )

Why is the cars feels like plastic light and jumping and bouncing all over the place?

Is this an old build or something?

The_Infected954d ago

Yea something looks off about this game.

DarkOcelet954d ago

The cockpit view in minute 14:5 feels like a PS3 game remastered to run at 60fps on PS4. It doesnt look good at all.

The_Infected954d ago (Edited 954d ago )

Yea I've always thought this game didn't look that good. The handling seems off and the cars look weird when driving them. Also like you said the cockpit view looks horrible. I think I'll stick with Forza and GT myself.

mcstorm954d ago

Yeah I agree. I was looking forward to this game but the more I see the less I want it. I think I may wait until the price drops on this game before I pick it up if I do. For some reason I feel like PC is going to be a bit like GT5 was where it was developed for way too long and when it comes out it dose not live up to the hype it was getting.

I hope im wrong but have to wait and see.

Utalkin2me954d ago

Hopefully this is a old build. Cause i was not impressed to say the least. You should not have pop in in this day and age in a linear racing game, 2:32. And did they forget the textures inside the cockpit view?

hay954d ago

A lot is off with pCARS. This definitely isn't a sim judging by how the physics behaves, it has an arcade drift mechanics and putting it together with AI will make you go back to Forza of GT fast.

SolidStoner954d ago

weird physics.. "imaginary bumps" and car feels like made from paper.. ultra light... hope it will be more simulator type when releases...

Blurmobjet954d ago

Watched this video and IMMEDIATELY had to watch a Driveclub video just to reset my eyes!

I agree with u guys. I also hope this is an ancient build of the game!

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Good-Smurf954d ago

It looked pretty standard but problem is the car and track just looked off unnatural is the word.
this make GT6 driving physics looked pretty realistic while this is just...weird.
I hope this is older build and not final build.

Qrphe954d ago

I have the game and although I haven't seen the video posted up there, this game definitely has is PS3-tier assets a lot of the times

pcz953d ago

you know the wiiu is losing badly when all the top articles on the wiiu section are ps4 articles

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DanzoSAMA954d ago

Can't wait Forza Motorsport 6

The_Infected954d ago

Me either. I hope there's day/night cycle and weather.

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cfc78954d ago (Edited 954d ago )

Looks like a 3rd place finish for Project Cars I don't see it hitting the heights of Forza or GT which is a shame as 3 great racers is better than 2 i'll be waiting on a price cut before trying this out no point paying full price for an unfinished game which this looks to be.

Cra2yey3954d ago

The guy seems to have drive club in the back of his head when he said look how gorgeous our game is and look at that rain. I was interested in this but it looks just boring race after race. I do like the car selection and the legit tracks so we'll see in April, if it isn't delayed again.

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