Edge cover revealed: Bloodborne, the verdict - Issue 278

Edge via twitter:
We deliver our Bloodborne verdict In the new issue, out tomorrow.

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vishmarx1141d ago

but then again edge is notorious of giving out low scores

Septic1141d ago

I say 8-9 too. I sense great things for this :)

greenmiker1141d ago

I would say 7-8 when we are speaking about Edge's score.

Hellsvacancy1141d ago

Perfect 10 is what it will get

vishmarx1141d ago

actually, i noticed edge has always given souls games really high scores

1141d ago
Septic1141d ago

From the Edge 'verdict':

"If you've been watching this generation from the sidelines, unmoved by remasters and rush jobs while you wait for the first true essential to arrive, now's the time."

There you have it folks. Greatness is finally here. :)

beastModeOn1141d ago

Thank you septic.

Bubble for you my good sir,


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freshslicepizza1141d ago

bloodborne will get a 9 or 10, guaranteed. then all the conspiracy over rating sony games low will vanish until the next game that gets average to low scores. another reason for the numeric system to go away.

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NewMonday1141d ago (Edited 1141d ago )

the only difference with BloodBorn is that it checks the boxes and follows the rules of the gaming media

I'v had a great time with my PS4 ever since Knack...yes Knack!


inFAMOUSss, Transistor, GuiltyGear Xrd, DrivClub, PT, the Order1886

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Eonjay1141d ago

Wait so its just an impression. Well, it is kinda early to start doing reviews.

CryofSilence1140d ago (Edited 1140d ago )

7-8 from Edge is my estimate.
5-7 from Polygon.
Average 8-9.

Really have high hopes for this game. It might finally convince me to purchase a PS4.

morganfell1140d ago

Some remarks have already been leaked:

*Playthrough did not involve Chalice Dungeon or multiplayer.

*This is not an official review/no score, despite the cover of the
game saying "THE VERDICT"

*"Bloodborne is Hidetaka Miyazaki's brutal riposte to the section of
his playerbase that thinks it has seen it all before."

*Merchant sells a clip-on lantern (hello Demon's Souls augite)

*"Yharnam spends the game in the grip of a perpetual night...that can
only be brought to an end by the player finding and finishing off the
source of the scourge of beasts." (this could be referring short term
like...defeat a major boss, get some daytime, or overall, I guess)

*Description on the first shield they found: Shields are nice, but not
if they engender passivity.

*Some enemies in the game can use spells

*Confirmed Bloodtinge stat governs bullet damage

*Transforming strikes and their follow-up attacks give you a way of
reaching enemies that in other Souls games might be out of reach
because they were pushed back by your earlier attacks - they say
stamina management is a more diverse process in Bloodborne than in the
earlier games

*Bloodstone shards = titanite, coldblood = portable souls, most common
items are blood vials (healing) and quicksilver bullets, but stocks
can grow low later in the game

*Surplus items are automatically sent to a storage box, and if you die
your items are replenished from the box automatically

*They say your starting stats are dictated by the trick weapon you
choose, which runs counter to the origins shown in the character

*Enemies only drop upgrade mats and items

*Very few chests, almost all have something good inside

*Clothes found in the world or from a merchant whose catalog expands
when you defeat bosses

*Only found 6 or so weapons and 6 or so guns in 40 hours

*Bloodgems are an upgrade item that allows you to change the
attributes of a weapon, ex. increasing physical attack power, adding
poison damage, or increasing scaling - all the weapons in the game are
customizable with bloodgems

*"Discrete areas flow together to create a believable world" -
separating the hub from the main gameworld allows the world itself to
be more coherent

*They say in Souls you are frequently scared of dying, but in
Bloodborne you are also scared of what is coming to kill you - "There
is a moment in Dark Souls that we will never forget: down in the
Depths, picking up an item from a corpse and a slime dropping onto our
head. We spent the rest of the level panning the camera endlessly for
unseen threats, no longer scared of dying, but of moving. Imagine a
whole game of that." - For this reason they think taking the
replayability factor to CD makes more sense.

*Torch may be very important for newcomers/first playthroughs

*There is a new mechanic they are not allowed to discuss

*"If you thought From Software was going soft, Hidetaka Miyazaki is
about to put you brutally back in your place. And if you've been
watching this generation from the sidelines, unmoved by the remasters
and rush jobs while you wait for the first true essential to arrive,
now's the time. As if there was ever any doubt, Miyazaki and his team
have done it all over again."

Ballsack1140d ago (Edited 1140d ago )

Never played any of the souls games... Difficulty did put me off a bit if im brutally honest

But this game im getting day one,after reading its still hard but the combat is alot nicer

Cant wait to try

WelkinCole1140d ago


It depends on how you view difficulty. If you are a twitch/panicky person then souls game will be hard.

In all honesty it is a fair game if you are patient and keep your cool.

I have seen my cousin play DS and he dies a lot because he panics and is use to rushing through games. In a lot of way he is already defeated in him mind before he even tries because he have it in his mind that it is too hard. Any new and menacing foe makes things worse.

DS still remains one of the best games last gen and of the best in many years. You should really try them out.

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lelo2play1141d ago

"8-9. but then again edge is notorious of giving out low scores"

Edge have given a few perfect scores to Sony Exclusives.
The Last of Us, Uncharted, Little Big Planet...

nowitzki20041140d ago (Edited 1140d ago )

They deserve those scores. Check other sites for those games as well.

dafegamer1140d ago

and gran turismo not uncharted

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The_Kills1140d ago

Rightfully so, more times than not.

TheSaint1140d ago

It will be an 8 or 9 game but Edge being Edge will score it a 6 or 7, because you know, Edge is edgy.

gear1140d ago

Did u know almost 50% of Britishers gave an accent of a old hag.

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Hellsvacancy1141d ago

I can't believe I'm so close to finally owning a PS4, THIS is the game I've been waiting for, then next month Dark Souls 2+ then in May (birthday month) Witcher 3

RPG heaven, hmmmmm, Heavensvacancy, could it be?

Haru1141d ago

what have you been waiting for? PS4 is amazing : )

nowitzki20041140d ago

Get Infamous for cheap. Driveclub is amazing, dont listen to what anyone says, I did and got in last month, THEY ARE WRONG!!

JMaine5181141d ago

I'm expecting a 8 or 9. I have really hight hopes for this game. Souls games usually rate high and this games looks to improve on those.

imt5581141d ago

What a great cover! Dayum!

KuroKazuma1141d ago (Edited 1141d ago )

rip in peace internet

thereapersson1141d ago

"Rest In Peace in peace internet"?

Tdmd1141d ago (Edited 1141d ago )

Yeah, bags of peace today! lol

FullmetalRoyale1141d ago

Looks like everybody gets a peace...

nowitzki20041140d ago

Im waiting for the day when all trolls die. It will be a good day for both sides. Now move back to the other PS articles.....

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