EpicDome - Dying Light Review (PS4, 2015)

The Illusive Man says: "What happens when you cross Dead Island with the French parkour movie District B-13? You get Techland’s Dying Light, that’s what – a game that implements all the roof-hoping excitement of parkour with the visceral slaughter of Dead Island. Techland has steadily improved upon their zombie melee mayhem which first began with the original Dead Island. Dead Island was fun, but it suffered from a truckload of bugs and other issues, such as enemy level matching. And the story, which centered around cardboard characters, was utterly disappointing. Well, that game was followed by the expansion pack side story Dead Island: Riptide. Riptide wasn’t a genuine sequel to Dead Island as much as it was extended DLC. It still suffered from many of the same issues as Dead Island, but it was also just as fun — assuming you played any multiplayer. So is Dying Light the complete zombie package that unites melee combat with an engaging story? Unfortunately, no."

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