When top mobile games exploit gender to make more cash

MWEB GameZone writes: "How a 12-year-old gamer exposed iPhone's exploitation of her gender."

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HoldenZA1082d ago

Just like real life, getting a female comes at a cost.....(This is a joke, do not go gamergate on me).

lord zaid1082d ago

This girl is right, but I think perhaps Hanlon's Razor applies here: Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity

I don't think these guys were trying to rip any one off, I think they were just stupid

HanCilliers1082d ago (Edited 1082d ago )

Pay more than the game is worth to play with a female avatar. Pay nothing to play with a male avatar.

Biggest mobile demographic is female.

I'm sure money had nothing to do with it ;)

ChronoJoe1082d ago

In terms of temple run, the thematic of the game is indiana jones-esque, therefore the default character is male. Factors such as this don't appear to have been considered here.

I think in many cases these mobile games have merely continued the 'tropes' of the console market, without much thought. So they made the male characters the default, because they without much thought considered their audience was largely male, as it is in the console market place.

rainslacker1081d ago (Edited 1081d ago )

That is one pretty self aware 12 year old. I'm not saying that 12yo's can't be smart, but this level of awareness not only on gender issues, but exploitation issues, seems a bit fishy. I won't even get into her amazing ability to build statistical sample data into something meaningful.

Lets face it...this wasn't a 12yo project. The 12yo was used to make the story seem poignant that someone so young is affected by lack of inclusion in video games, where the truth is they more than likely don't give two craps.

Anyhow, I wouldn't doubt that this kind of thing happens. I don't think it speaks to poor inclusion, just pubs/devs trying to milk out the money from people who feel it necessary to shell out money for something worthless in a completely generic game who's character is in no way representative of anyone. At what point in mobile gaming micro-transactions have we not seen devs or pubs exploit everyone to make a few extra bucks?

Sillicur1082d ago

Never really thought about it like that, I wonder if they they have females on their development teams, would be interresting to know

plut0nash1082d ago

Considering that so many women play mobile games, this is very surprising.

CongoKyle1082d ago

My biggest concern when I was 12 years old was reassuring my mom I didn't need a helmet when I was skateboarding in the street outside. They're uncool mom, jeeeeeeeeeeeez. In hindsight I'm glad my brain is still full functional.

On topic though, I guess I understand where she's coming from. Gaming is usually an escape where you're able to identify with the characters you play.

rainslacker1081d ago

Do you honestly believe that a 12 year old is this self aware and smart enough to recognize exploitation? Do you also think they are experienced in social issues enough to be able to recognize trends without being told about it? Do you also believe that a 12 year old is capable of performing a survey using statistical data to sample the market. Even if they were, do you think they are able to come to the conclusion that this girl did without being told from outside sources?

12 year olds don't think on that level, and even if they did, it would be extraordinarily rare that they could do what this girl did...not to mention be able to do a write up on it on a high school level.

It's also coming to a pre-ordained conclusion that the supposed 12yo already believed to be true, and didn't consider any other it's all assumption anyhow.

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The story is too old to be commented.