5 Games Victim Of The Hype-Train

MenStuff writes: "The worst thing we can do as gamers is get a little too excited for big releases; after all, we are in the age of the developers and publishers jumping on the hype-train and picking up way too much steam.

So, we decided to look back at the following games that unfortunately over-promised and under-delivered, and in spectacular fashion, we might add."

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Razputin1104d ago

Should have tried to do more than 5 games.

I don't think Medal of Honor 2010 was bad at all, I think maybe going in play the game with really low expectations made it that much better for me single player wise at least. The multiplayer was just a crappy mix of Bad Company 2 and what would eventually lead to BF3.

Haze was horrible, what made the game even worse were the ludicrous load times.

Ubisoft has now been in the trend of over hyping and over presenting their games and never delivering what they showed. Nearly every game they start to make has to be redone or reworked. Splinter Cell is no longer stealth based like the previous ones. Conviction had to be completely redone, and Black List was great but very action based. Rainbow Six (Patriots scrapped), Watch Dogs was nothing like it was shown and even Unity wasn't as amazing as it was shown to be.

Destiny I played for a bit but it wasn't my cup of tea because I'm not a huge console player and didn't have friends who were playing it at the time.

supes_241103d ago

Overall, I agree with the list besides Watchdogs. I really enjoyed that game. A ton of people complained about the ability to drive vehicles and how horrible it was, well, I found it to be perfectly fine. When people complain about it, it makes me wonder if they actually played the game long enough to write a proper review or just suck at driving vehicles in a game, period. I hope they make a second one.

RSKnight1103d ago

And the next over hyped game to disapoint us all will be Project Cars. I have a very bad feeling about this one.

SegaGamer1103d ago

Just list a bunch of FPS games, it's the most over hyped and overrated genre in gaming.