Another PS4 "Jailbreak" dongle surfaces

Another attempt at a money grabbing opportunity by scammers who know there is a big push for a jailbreaked ps4 has been busted.

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ArchangelMike895d ago

GLad it fake tbh. But in anycase why bother with console jailbreaks anyway. I didn't spend £400 on my PS4 just to corrupt it with viruses and turn it into a brink as soon as I try to get into PSN.

Phoenix76895d ago

Well put mate. Not only that though, as soon as Sony put out the next firmware update, the jailbreak dongle would quite possibly become redundant and the fools who paid for it have to try to find replacement software or be stupid enough to buy another.
Why would anyone want to do that after everything else they've already paid out for.
Not worth it one bit IMO.

antikbaka895d ago

you should have stopped typing after the second sentence, because after that you wrote some nonsense. The only thing you need to get a virus - the internet and it diesn't matter whether the console is jailbroken, only official updates that are released in a hurry tend to turn console in a brick.

nowitzki2004895d ago (Edited 895d ago )

I jailbroke my 360. To tell you the truth I wish I could do it to my PS4. You shouldve seen my themes on 360. You could literally have any kind of start up screen to dashboard to cover art for the games to custom settings, almost anything you wanted to do you could. I found cover arts from google that were fan made because they are usually better than the original and used them.

Go check JTAGGED 360's on youtube. Those themes you can get are better then PS3, 360, PS4, and X1 themes.

WitWolfy895d ago (Edited 895d ago )

Remember if the "PS4 jailbreak" was legit we would've read about the PS4 vault keys been stolen or discovered weeks ago for this to be more believable.

And guess what, those keys are never gonna be leaked ANYTIME SOON, heck or ever. Not if Sony can help it.

nowitzki2004895d ago

Before they do get released our PS4's will probably be updated by Sony past the point of no return.

WitWolfy894d ago (Edited 894d ago )

Depends... Sony would have to know what to patch to fix the exploit to begin with... Like with 3.55 back in the day.