Have GTA's Heists been worth the wait?

Heists have been a long time coming - the promised land of GTA Online, no less, the missions that would bring the Heat vibe to Los Santos with style. They are two-to-four player scores consisting of multiple missions and a finale, where players assume different roles on the team - one committing to be a rooftop lookout, for example, while another goes inside a building. Such scenarios have always been common in GTA single-player missions, where Rockstar can control all of the other participants, but got a little lost in the transformation to multiplayer.

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Az1mov1139d ago

I gotta manage to get past the tutorial first before having any opinion (but it feels great, it's like a coop SP experience). tried yesterday pas midnight over here in Europe to no success. try again tonight after work :(

Phoenix761139d ago

I managed to get into a room last night with my friends, but man, did it take a lot of tries! Sadly though, just as I got into the room my phone went mad with calls asking me how the heists are?!?! Wasn't not impressed by my other mates doing that lmao.
Same boat as you mate, want to play them, but will have to wait until tonight :-D hope the wait was worth it.

LordMaim1139d ago (Edited 1139d ago )

It was the same experience with me. After trying most of last night, it finally started working properly. Got through 2 complete heists and they were awesome. The Prison Break was especially hairy since we had three objectives going simultaneously, each player relying on and supporting the others, all coming together at the end for the final extraction by plane. Everyone hit their mark perfectly and we got out like clockwork. It was epic.

Az1mov1139d ago (Edited 1139d ago )

Hopefully we'll be able to dive in deep into it and the severs would be able to support the load tonight. The game's great but it desperately needed more content. however, I don't know if the X1 and PS4 were affected the same way. (sorry, supposed to be a reply :D

Immorals1139d ago

Played through the first 2,and they were awesome!

EinRobot1139d ago

Who knows, they have been broken for me

Godz Kastro1139d ago

If I could play I'd answer. Servers were crap last night.

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