Pay-to-Troll, Perma-Permadeath and more in Upsilon Circuit

MWEB GameZone writes: "Upsilon Circuit, developed by Robot Loves Kitty, will incorporate some of the most unique concepts we have ever seen in a game; with a Pay-to-Troll monetization model to 'Perma-Permadeath', the game is sure to grab the attention of the gaming industry."

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Sillicur1139d ago

Indeed, I love the concepts though!!!

SonZeRo1139d ago

uhh no thanks, money making scheme.

Sillicur1139d ago

To troll players by dropping monsters on their heads, i would actually pay to do that! Especially since they will permanently die by my hands!

HoldenZA1139d ago

Wow.....I really hope this concept does well! It looks like it could be tons of fun

Sillicur1139d ago

Indeed, if it does well maybe we will see more games incorporate some of these features :)

HanCilliers1139d ago

Wow, love the concept. I bet there will be people that won't mind paying to experience something so unique. I would.

Sillicur1139d ago

I would definately pay to experience this as well. The only thing i dont really like is that the game will end in roughly a year's time

DesVader1139d ago

Might just be worthwhile to check out for the pure novelty of the game :|

Sillicur1139d ago

Indeed, their previous game "Legend of Dungeons" is pretty nice as well, just normal permadeath but its fun!

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