Sony Ends PlayStation Mobile: Downloads canned and Devs mad

Sony is discontinuing the addition of new titles on the PlayStation Mobile store, and come September, you won't be able to download the ones you've paid for.

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sinncross1372d ago

While Sony never ever really gave PSM the space it needed to grow, this is just stupid. Not sure why they would end this when they should really be looking to expand it to other regions too.

Its a software flow for the Vita, in digital form too. Why stop that?

Snookies121372d ago (Edited 1372d ago )

Between this, taking off Youtube, Near, and Maps for Vita, and their complete lack of Vita 1st party support... Sony is dropping the ball in a lot of areas. I don't get these poor decisions that just show a real lack of faith in their own services.

I love my PS4, but it just feels like they're giving up on everything else in order to support the PS4 itself. It's really disheartening as a Vita owner... At least other Japanese developers are keeping the handheld afloat...

SegaSaturn6691372d ago

I nearly bought the PSM game Ambition of the Slimes from the vita store. It's a really cool game on android that's unfortunately Pay2Win.

The Vita version costs $4.88 CAD and I was unsure whether the silly paywalls were removed in that version.

Guess I'll never know.

360ICE1372d ago

Fun fact: According to Metacritic, Vita had more games than 3DS in 2014, and they were on average higher rated.

That being said, most of them were re-releases and remakes. I wish Sony could've kept at least one western studio working on Vita.

vishmarx1372d ago

proper gaming needs to stay the f*** away from mobile

XisThatKid1372d ago

tis a damn shame too because i guess they feel that the PS4 is the only important thing on their plate aside from PM next year so sad indeed

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gokuking1372d ago

Presumably the revenue generated from PSM wasn't large enough to offset the costs of the servers and the skeleton crew running the store/SDK updates. They could have tried improving that by enabling trophy support, making PSM games available in the normal Vita store, and even enabling playback on PS4. But nah, I guess that costs money that could be better spent on another non-gaming service like PlayStation Vue or Music.

If you look through my N4G comment history, you'll find that I'm usually critical of Sony. This move makes me really disappointed, as it the only one it helps is them.

JMaine5181372d ago

I was wondering what happened to Playstation Mobile. I thought it was dead already now it really is.

rainslacker1371d ago

I've been told by some PSM devs I know that there are rumors that Sony is going to replace it with something else that is more inclusive of more devices(possibly PS4). Basically doing away with the "Mobile" moniker, which some people felt was a negative thing.

Thinking on it critically, it was a pretty far fetched rumor which no one could trace back to a source whether secret or official(based on something said by a Sony rep).

If Sony could manage to get the PSM concept available on the PS4, and expand it to Google and Vita, then it would be a pretty big boon, and it would likely take off a lot faster, particularly if they just sold it through a section on the PS Store. MS did this back with XNA and Xbox Arcade, and it was quite popular.

Eidolon1372d ago (Edited 1372d ago )

I hope Sony is doing something for the Vita with the millions they must be saving by crippling it.

blackblades1372d ago (Edited 1372d ago )

I haven't bought anything but I did get free games they gave out. So they saying if I deleted the games from my vita I won't be able to re download them like psn games that were taking off the store. That's sucks thought it was tide to my account and would never disappear. Bring back minis.

OmegaShen1372d ago

Most likely die because people were finding ways to port games from Nintendo, the original super mario bros. looks good on the Vita's OLED screen.

gokuking1372d ago

That stuff never made it to the actual storefront.

OmegaShen1372d ago

Never said it did, but I'm sure Nintendo wasn't happy people were finding ways to port their games and it cost them money/lose money when you can port it to Vita with no cost.

gokuking1372d ago

Nintendo's probably not happy Vita exists in the first place, some unreleased homebrew isn't exactly going to change things.

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