Halo 5 Images From PAX East

Skewed and Reviewed's Justin Giza was covering PAX East and he managed to get some shots of the pending Halo 5 despite the booth being packed and full of rabid fans all weekend long.

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beastModeOn1049d ago ShowReplies(2)
GenuineGamer1049d ago

Just looks like its the same mp beta we got through MCC

Loktai1049d ago

Cant tell anything from pics like that.

headblackman1049d ago

i don't care what they show! my copy is already paid for, so im ready :) KILLTACULAR

StrayaKNT1049d ago

Same cant wait! Its gonna be huge, plus mcc is amazing been on it everynight it is so much fun. Halo 5 beta was just on another level though.

terminallyCapricious1049d ago

Its my first time seeing an inside of a con like this but DAMN its huge. :o0

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