Rockstar Adds The Missing Piece To The GTA V Puzzle

There is one aspect of GTA V that, while it was shiny and super fun, was overlooked in the initial release of the game.

Rockstar noticed this and knew that players wanted more of the goodness; so, it being one of the best companies out there, it brought home the bacon.

The aspect referred to here is, of course: Heists.

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Takwin1105d ago

This would've been $20 from any other developer or split into parts for a season pass.

Rockstar takes the best selling game of the last two generations, discovers that millions of people want to play it in an MMO-style, persistent world, with RPG-lite elements, and they have STRUCK GOLD.

GTA IV story was better (but both were two of the best games ever made), but the totality of GTA V makes it a superior game overall.