We Need More Female Leads In Narrative Games


Female leads in narrative triple-A games are few and far between. Rockstar Games, one of the leading publishers in the industry, has never once had a female protagonist. Action-oriented sandbox franchises including Just Cause and Prototype, exclusively star superhero-like men. There have been iconic exceptions such as Lara Croft, but besides the obvious few, it often feels like I'm playing as another variant of Nathan Drake or Nico Bellic. In contrast, indie games have had a prolific amount of female protagonists, with successful titles like last year's Never Alone and Transistor. Why are triple-A games so far behind?

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PoSTedUP1043d ago

i wouldnt mind more female leads. i dont think we Need more. i think if the creators of the game Want to make more, that is up to them and their team: their vision, their art, their goal etc. to say that AAAgames are far behind bc of not having a female protag is, well, dumb. i wouldnt want a GTA to have a female character, if its optional then yes. i often pick female characters for a lot of games given the choice, but it depends on the game. some games fit the male character better for different reasons, and vise versa. you cant get the artist to change their art. if you demand it then make a statement and not buy the game; see if it matters.