Several 'Tales of' JRPGs discounted

New discounts on several "Tales of" JRPGs include Tales of Graces f ($32.89), Tales of Symphonia Chronicles ($16.75), Tales of Vesperia ($21.99), Tales of Xillia ($25.99) and Tales of Xillia 2 ($24.99).

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WildArmed1350d ago (Edited 1350d ago )

Almost gave myself a heart attack...

I read "Several 'Tales of' JRPGs discontinued"


Also, a lot of the games are incorrectly linked.

Own all of the ones on sale atm, need to go back and finish xillia 2 and vesperia.

gangsta_red1350d ago

Lmao, I did too.

Vesperia and Xillia remain in my opinion some of the best JRPG's we had in a while.

Feriku1350d ago

I read it the same way and also panicked. XD

GokuSolosAll1350d ago

Horrible sales. Got Symphonia Chronicles for $10, Xillia for $10, and Hearts for $20. PSN has way better deals.

Eidolon1350d ago

I got Symphonia Chronicles for $7.50, still haven't played them yet.

gprime1349d ago

Agreed. These are some really weak "sales".

Blackleg-sanji1350d ago

Come on tales of for ps4 get announced already

Xavior_Reigns1350d ago

Highly recommend Vesperia, I'm playing through it right now and its a blast and them visuals are beautiful. Xillia 1 needs to come down to $20 or less already, starting Xillia 2 without the first was a mistake and I sure as hell don't want to Youtube it either.

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