360 noise reduction fix

If you have ever wanted to reduce the noise levels of your 360 when playing a game, then this might be the fix for you. Whilst it is nothing official, and if attempted will void your warranty, it might be worth a go if it really does bug you. The guide tells you how to do everything very simply.

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TheMART4367d ago

No you just added a problem if you wanna get a PS3.

Wait, even more problems created:

1. You can't get one. And in Europe at least not untill spring 2007
2. You can't get any good games. Except for Motorstorm that's a good game. But a system for one game? mmhhhh
3. Best version of crossplatform games are on the 360. COD3? See that playing like it's a Wii game on the PS3... dull!
4. Buying sh!t like the PS3 in combination with a PS3 fan makes a total mess man!

dantesparda4367d ago (Edited 4367d ago )

So then that means that FEAR, Rainbow Six Vegas, CoD3, Madden 07, Tiger Woods, NFS Carbon, Marvel Alliance, Tony Hawk Project 8, Oblivion, Sonic, NBA 2K7, and NHL 2K7 arent good games then. Ok, thank you very much for admitting that. And in your blatant attempt to talk sh!t about the system you hate so much, you unknowingly put down the 360, ha ha sucker! ;-)
Also you know that ports are always better on the system that they where developed for (unless the system its being ported to is way more powerful, and i dont think that the PS3 is "way more" powerful) and all those games where developed for the 360.
Think before you denigrate. Cuz you're actually denigrating your beloved system in the process, without you even knowing it. Though i gotta say, you are not even close to being the worst rabid fanboy on this site. At least you try and be somewhat civilized, but thats probably because you're British right? I know you're from Europe somewhere.

malachi234367d ago

How is the problem solved by buying sh*t? PS3 fan?

R Swipe4367d ago

Well there's a surprise, a totally unbiased comment from a Sony Fanboy. Not!. I am surprised that you have actually got time on your hands to visit this site when you surely must be having such a great time playing on your PS3

dantesparda4367d ago (Edited 4367d ago )

Hm, yeah, and you're not biased right? And just how much fun are you having with your 360 that you're on here to posting, hm?

power of Green 4367d ago

WTF are you doing here? this isn't big enough news for a non fan to be intrested in. You're just patroling waiting for somebody to say something wrong so you can flame.

gnothe14367d ago

thats just being picky, that drive is not that loud to weres it needs fixing!!the only time you can actually hear the drive is when you first start up the system.a few secnds after that you should be getting ready to play a game!! unless you play your game with your tv volume all the way down you wont hear the system!!!

Grown Folks Talk4367d ago

great news for those that play with their tv on mute, or have to turn the volume way down because of mommy or fear of their girlfriend/wife being bothered.

dantesparda4367d ago

Get the fvck out of here, the 360 is LOUD! it very loud! dont run some bullsh!t that its not. Its by far the loudest system

Grown Folks Talk4367d ago

it is SO loud that i can't even concentrate on playing the games. nobody is denying the fact that it is louder than other systems. it's the insinuation that it is so loud that it ruins the experience. people act like your eardrums are busting trying to play something. you don't even pay attention to it while you play unless you are trying to.

MicroGamer4367d ago (Edited 4367d ago )

the noise reductions seem too minimal to be worth the effort and risk of voiding your warranty.

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