PS3 Confusion At Littlewoods.

Mail order retailer Littlewoods has gone live with its PS3 pre-orders, though the inconsistent range of bundles listed online suggest that its launch day details are far from finalised.

Spong reports that gamers desperate to pre-order their next-gen Sony console ahead of the expected UK March launch are able to do so via Littlewoods Online right now. But the retailer's prices may cause some to think twice.

Leading the pack is a bundle featuring a 60GB PS3 console and a copy of Motorstorm priced at £549. With the RRP of the console expected to be £425, this suggests the game itself carries a price tag of over £120. Despite this, however, gamers wanting to buy the game on its own need only pay £55.

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malachi234396d ago

Like anyone in the UK is going to pay £5 more and in SOME CASES (£39.99 online) £15 more for games that are'nt any better and in most cases worse than they're 360 counterpart