EA Sports Fight Night Round 3 PS3 Review.

If you've been following the evolution of the PlayStation 3, then you'll probably remember the Fight Night Round 3 demo that EA producer Kudo Tsunoda gave at Sony's press conference in May 2005. In it, the enthusiastic spokesman raved about how the added power of the next-generation system would enable the series to benefit from realistic physics and facial expressions -- capturing the emotion and drama of boxing like its predecessors never had. Of course, those of us that played the Xbox 360 game earlier this year know that, while it's still very good, Round 3 isn't what was promised almost two years ago. The new PS3 edition isn't either.

But enough of what the game could have been, let's talk about what it is... and that's a pretty damn good boxing title. After all, EA Sports Fight Night Round 3 on the PlayStation 3 is nearly identical to its 360 counterpart. Ported over by the team at EA Canada, it looks and feels like the same code we threw punches at in February... with a couple of slight enhancements.

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NextGen24Gamer4395d ago

I remember Sony ONLY fans...(not true gamers) talking about how this is one of the games that will be better on the ps3. I told them that all the previews are hyped up with the purpose to garner attention....I told them that the reality of the matter is the 360 is better for games. But they wouldn't listen...but review after after game....the facts keep coming out and they still jump to sony's defense. When will they admitt that sony has made some bad decisions this time around with the ps3. Its not optimal for games as is the cheaper xbox 360. And here is another of many example of the 360's next gen power. This is a game that came out almost a year ago for the 360....a game that has been in developement for the ps3 for a long long time. they showed video of it at E3 2005 for the ps3. And once again...Bad slow down....ect....The ps3 is a numbers cruncher for sure...but it can't run games that the 360 can....Here are some quotes from the 360 review and the ps3 review....

360 review quote
"9.5 Graphics
The most gorgeous models ever seen on a console. Visual emotion actually improves gameplay. Face-rippling replays will give you chills and/or black eyes. "

Now here is a quote from the ps3 review....

"8.5 Graphics
Excellent polygonal models, facial and body textures, and a solid physics system helps Fight Night stand out in the crowd. The better lighting and sweat is nice too, but moderate slowdown isn't. "

What excuses will DJ and other sony extremist come up with now? Keep in minde....this is one of the games they were sure to be better than the 360 version. I mean, I even assumed it might be due to the extra time they have had with the ps3 version...with the added "new" features. But nope. Once again...the 360 version remains the best version. This is a trend I expect to continue through the life cyle of both consoles. And as far as first party games go....Sony can forget about matching the graphical fidelity of Gears of War, Halo 3, or Bio Shock. WOW. Thanks Microsoft.

FirstknighT4395d ago

Wow, even I thought for sure this game would probably look better on a ps3. The ps3 sure has a lot of problems with slow down. Hey Topgamer, ur still trying to debate with these fools? You know ur just going to hear excuse after excuse, complain after complain, whine after whine. The ps3 was a mistake...its a mess...just look at all the news....all the problems. Its over! Dont even waste your breath on these kids.

PS360WII4395d ago

I have no excuss for you but I'd like to point one thing out for you.
"I remember Sony ONLY fans...(not true gamers)" now that's how you started your rant. Now see if I change just one word it'll read: "I remember Xbox ONLY fans...(not true gamers)" See that's where you fit in. So what is a true gamer anyways? One who plays games or one who plays games you like?

shikwan4395d ago

tend to point to insufficient memory problems. Something that can't be fixed with an update to the PS3's firmware.

Xtrm L1481L1TY4395d ago

I've been saying this since E3 2005.

astroboy2k54395d ago

First of all, i could care less witch game is better or system for that matter. However, the article contradicts itself a little.
The Closing Comments:
It isn't a huge leap over the 360 version released ten months ago either.
So i guess they imply that its a little bit better but, yet it recieves a lower score then the xbox. Maybe the expectations where higher because developers had more time with it. Regardless it shouldnt be judged differently for that reason.

Xtrm L1481L1TY4395d ago

You've all heard that one before. LOL

Either way, the PS3 suffers heavily and is in fact choking to death on games that run smoothly on Xbox 360 versions.

PS360PCROCKS4395d ago

Astro, they said it's not a huge leap, as in they added some lighting and more realistic sweat, but the game in replay of big hits is choppy and slows down which makes the graphics look bad. and yes their is an excuse for 10 more months of development time, this game has been made on the 360 and than they had 10 MONTHS polishing and doing everything else, if the best they can do in 10 months is add some sweat and lighting, than that's a problem, maybe it's EA, maybe it's Sony's lack of development tools. I don't in fact know what it is, but the 360 got a 9.5, and the PS3 got an 8.5, i'm sorry but you can have your sweat and lighting cause I'd rather have my game run smooth. This looks like an ever growing trend at this point, it seems like EVERY game has some sort of choppiness and slow down, and that's not me being biased, read the reviews, they don't make this stuff up to spite Sony

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