PS1 gaming on PSPs through the PS3: pictures!

What you see above is a picture of Sony's PlayStation Store and its first batch of PS1 games for PSP play. As you can see, Tekken 2, arguably the most memorable Tekken in the franchise, is there, along with Gabe Logan and that blasted bandicoot. Applefiend of the E-mpire forums took the shot and also confirmed earlier news of the PS1 games' prices by mentioning that Crash Bandicoot costs US$ 5.99 to pick up.

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Maddens Raiders4363d ago (Edited 4363d ago )

If the PS3 update v 3.1 was out too! Looks like things are evolving right along. Evolve baby evolve. Gotta have Tekken 2 on the HDD already - Marvel vs. Capcom:CSH wouldn't hurt either. lol
So cool...