Top 10 Games to play at a small home LAN party!

Including Dawn of War, System Shock 2 and several which you may not have considered. "As such, we've approached this list with that word, fun, in mind. There's a nice variety of games here although some of them might not be what everyone would expect from a LAN party. We've taken into account the systems needed and how easy they are to set up on an amateur network, and how many players you need for them to be enjoyable."

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Wayward3602d ago

Just so you guys know we welcome feedback. I'm keeping a eye on this post so let me know if you have any comments!

Palodios3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

You missed two big ones.
Starcraft/Warcraft? We've had some incredible times with those.

RebornSpy3602d ago

Good choices, but I would put Halo on the list somewhere. That was one of the first major LAN party games, and is the first game that comes to mind when I think of LAN parties. Overall, it's a great list, though, and I will probably try some of these myself soon.

Wayward3602d ago

Hah, to be fair I did have Halo on the list, but my editor made me remove it! In his words a console tard game :(. Good to hear you will try some yourself. Had great fun with all the games on the list!

UnSelf3602d ago

MK: Double Dash is my most wanted Lan-enticing game

Wayward3602d ago

Not played it myself.. will give it a try tonight!

Will-UK3602d ago

Where is command and conquer generals/zerohour

Wayward3602d ago

In the bin. I'm sorry but out of all games that deserve to be on this list, generals is not one of them. It's poor gameplay, lags like hell and just is not a very fun game! I don't think anyone here at Resonance-Gaming likes Generals. If anything CnC3 should be on the list.

Danny_N3602d ago

heh, I played Generals once before selling it on ebay, and even then I feel sorry for the buyer.

Will-UK3602d ago

In the bin lol

i understand your reasoning about lag however i find the gameplay good and the new patches help but i guess its your opinion

Wayward3602d ago

Don't get me wrong, if it worked and did not have the CnC name it would be a good game. But it was one of the first games EA had full control over, and as such I feel they attempted to turn it into a general boring RTS rather than stay true to CnC form.

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