Xbox One has sent Overdog! to Preview Members

Overdog! the first interest-based matchmaking service has come to the Xbox One for those in the preview program. Overdog was featured at GDC 2015.

Their most recent tweets suggests they have been busy since then!

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1229d ago
WCxAlchemist1229d ago

Overdog app not working at least 4me

Tedakin1228d ago

Check for a system update.

GearSkiN1228d ago

Same stuck on black screen

RjK311jR1229d ago

i had this idea written down of course actions speak louder than words.. the idea is great and if implemented correctly could be a really unique way of meeting and instantly joining games together..before u even get into the game

StrayaKNT1229d ago

What does this do exactly?

lemoncake1228d ago

Instead of matching you with random people it attempts to match you with people who have similar interests to you.

Tedakin1228d ago (Edited 1228d ago )

I got it. Can't connect.

EDIT: A system update is required for it.

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