330° opened for public beta registration

Visit to sign up! Bungie hasn't mentioned you should be quick to sign up, so from what's to be understood the selection for participation is NOT on a first come, first serve basis.

But if you're a big Halo fan you shouldn't be reading this, so go on sign up then or read more beta testing details at the link.

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Mr Murda4025d ago

Maybe they got the scoop early, but it's not loading yet for the beta registration. It just says "Check Back 12.04.06".

Supa4025d ago

It's updated with a direct link from Microsoft.

ccApp4025d ago

Thanks for the updated link Supa I just registered.

MicroGamer4025d ago

Woo Hoo. I hope I get in. Since it isn't first come, first served, I would imagine they want a good mix of demographics trying it out so they can get better data as to what aspects of the game appeals to which groups.

smokeandapancake4025d ago

Maybe they're going to split us into groups, and each gets to play one of the 3 levels...just a thought.

Optimus Prime4025d ago

yea me too, i just registered, i hope i get in.

TheXgamerLive4025d ago

This feels so unreal, I can't wait. This is a chance to play an Aplha version of the greatest game of our time!!! What??? No, not Alpha, but the Beta version, SWEET!!!

Reality checked and yep it's real. I've already got such a Chubby:))

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The story is too old to be commented.