Holiday Profile: Microsoft

In's final Holiday Profile, they turns to Xbox 360's director of platform strategy Scott Henson to talk about the stuff that goes into a console – mostly games, hard drives and online services. We also talk PlayStation 3 and Wii.

Now that it has some real competition, Microsoft must face tough questions about its granular strategy for Xbox 360. How does it compete with the newer Wii and PS3? What does it do about pricing both of its hardware and of services like Xbox Live? How does it keep innovating?

Scott Henson is director of platform strategy and has been involved in the Xbox project for six years. His job gives him access to all areas of Xbox's strategy, but most particularly with Microsoft's relationship with third parties, and with Xbox Live. These are the questions that he has to work with every day.

For now, Xbox 360 is enjoying the benefit of having been onto the market first, with a year's worth of growth from which to draw upon. Part of the benefit is reaping hardware sales that might have gone to competitors were they not hampered by shortages

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