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iPocalypse? iPhone Can't Be Activated In-Store

What was originally thought to be a London-isolated problem is now clearly widespread. Apple is scrambling today as a glitch in iTunes prevents customers from activating their newly purchased iPhones in-store as promised.

The problem is causing huge delays at Apple stores and other iPhone service providers worldwide, as store personnel wrestle with the issue and word of the problem spreads on the Web. In order for an iPhone to be activated, it must be synced up with iTunes. (Mobile, Tech)

Adamalicious  +   2693d ago
This is sadly true. What's worse is that activating at home isn't going so hot either.
Tony240ZT  +   2693d ago
A buddy at work is having the same prob. Synchronoss Technologies (SNCR) is the company that hooks into the iTunes software and registers the phones on AT&T's network, as well as the other networks in EU. I see their stock is up today, but I wouldn't be surprised if it dumps badly tomorrow with some finger pointing at them.
Boink  +   2693d ago
can confirm it
itunes issues affecting here in canada too.

way to go apple...
Old Greg  +   2693d ago
RIM Never has these kind of problems. WTF, Apple?
Adamalicious  +   2693d ago
I just got mine to work like 2 seconds after I posted.
Marceles  +   2693d ago
Yeah Apple really messed up on this one...everyone on the support forums have been going crazy since this morning. I finally got old one updated by docking it and undocking it a few times.
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justaddh30  +   2693d ago
"In order for an iPhone to be activated, it must be synced up with iTunes."

What horsesh**

Also, I hope everyone realizes the price for a data plan went up $10 a month and text messaging is no longer included. So that $200 drop in price is not only nullified, but you will be paying $40 more with a 2-year contract
Old Greg  +   2693d ago
200 with a contract of SOME SORT.
* Comparisons between iPhone 3G (8GB) and first-generation iPhone (8GB) running on EDGE. Actual speeds vary by site conditions. Requires new two-year AT&T rate plan, sold separately to qualified customers.
Some features, applications, and services are not available in all areas. See your carrier for details.
Some applications are not available in all areas. Application availability and pricing are subject to change.

Over two years, the iPhone 3G will cost $160 more than the original iPhone. This includes the unlimited data plan plus the additional $5 SMS plan you need to get to match the original's 200 included messages. What the chart doesn't indicate, in pure dollars, is how much 3G is worth.

Compared with a similar 3G phone on AT&T, the iPhone 3G costs exactly the same over two years as AT&T's HTC Tilt (minus $100 for the increased initial phone price). Compared to Sprint, you're coming out slightly behind by $20 because of Sprint's included unlimited SMS/MMS, but unlimited 3G data still costs the same $30. Verizon's data and texting plan is also on par with AT&T's, and you get an extra 50 text messages.

So what can we conclude? Yes, the iPhone 3G will cost you $160 more than the original iPhone over two years. If you don't need 3G at all (or GPS), you might not need to upgrade if you've got an old one. Otherwise, $160 is not a terribly bad price to pay over the course of two years to increase your email and browsing speeds.
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FantasyStar  +   2693d ago
Unlocked iPhone with Tmobile service.
I'm on the fence cause I heard that the iPhone has terrible voice quality and Bluetooth support. I live in California and I really need a new phone with Bluetooth. Is the 3G iPhone any good?
Old Greg  +   2693d ago
Tmobile's 3G network is already up in a couple major cities. By Oct 1st, their 3G network will actually be larger than AT&Ts. It will also be UTMS-based, so it will have great upload/download speeds. So Oct1st is what they are considering a "launch date"---so stick with them, they are a great carrier with AWESOME voice and data plans.

I would suggest getting the Blackberry Curve 8320. It has Wifi, which makes your data super-fast(2-3x that of AT&Ts 3g). Even Edge,is still rated at 2.5g(your youtube video make take a couple seconds longer to load). Plus, blackberrys have WAY more apps, and almost all of them are free(i havent paid for one yet). and the functionality you get from your black berry OUT OF THE BOX, is amazing. if you want a PHONE that can do EVERYTHING, get a blackberry. If you want an ipod that can do alot, get an iphone.
unbiased  +   2693d ago
@old greg
"By Oct 1st, their 3G network will actually be larger than AT&Ts"

Really? how? Enlighten me on that.

So tell me how T-mobile will have a bigger 3g network then AT&T with the largest Data network in America.

Lets look this over in details.

AT&T spends $18 million per day on there network, more then any other carrier. TMobile does not even have there own voice network let alone data, They rent 20% of AT&T's voice network at high cost just so they don't drop so many calls.

Whats next? NEC will make a new system and run Nintendo/Sony/MS out of biz?
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Old Greg  +   2693d ago
Its works the same way most movies can claim they are the number one movie at the box office---by catergory.

AT&T, claims to have the largest voice and data network in the country. TOTALLY TRUE, if your talking about GSM carriers, and NATIVE Data(Edge,3g).

If you mean Data, period, Tmobile offers wifi on alot of their phones now. And no, Wifi isnt availible EVERYWHERE, but more and more hot spots are popping up everyday. And with UMA being included for 5 dollars extra a month, you have unlimited voice minutes almost anywhere you go now a days. My Curve picks up open hotspots/networks and connects on it own. Guess how many native minutes I used last month? 4.

Tmobile isnt the top dawg in America. But Worldwide, they are have HUGE numbers. They also a large stake in Vodafone. Ever heard of it? I thought you might have. They are Third ONLY to China Mobile(who does GSM & CDMA) and Vodafone, outside of the US.

TOMBILE is good stuff buddy.
The 3G network they are "launching" will be a running on a UTMS signal. Much stronger than AT&Ts. BUT---for those who live in rural areas, where 3g is not availible(for AT&T or TMO), you could always get a wireless router from TMO for FREE(after rebate which take like 3 weeks, 50 dollars upfront).

As far as leasing 20% of AT&Ts network for voice? No. Now they just pay "roaming fees" for people who venture somewhere that has a stronger AT&T signal. AT&T used to do the same thing with smaller companies like Centex, Cellular One, Ect. Then they decided "The hell with this" and bought those companies up. Plus, have you ever used BIS with Tmo? My Blackberry is like 2 seconds behind the iphone3g, WITHOUT 3G. Its like Edge(2.5g) but a tad bit faster. And with Wifi, I blow ANY 3g phone out of the water.

Trust me, I considered going to AT&T like 100 times. But my mind changed HALFWAY when I got the Curve 8320. Once I found out about Tmo's UTMS 3G launching this fall, I decided I would keep it.

So yeah AT&Ts is the largest GSM DATA(native) CARRIER in the US.
Tmobile has them on voice(UMA), sorry.

18 million a day? Not likely, and if it was, it would be an average---which means they spend 18 million on random EXPENSIVE mishaps during the year or additional towers, ect.
Also, remember they include U-Verse(TV,Phone,Internet) in that bid, because AT&T doesnt subdivide.

Verizon has more subscribers and a larger voice and data network--period, not just amongst CDMA networks. Its also runs off a "EV-DO rev A" signal that prolly even more advanced than UTMS. And with the purchase of Alltel, they will be one of the top 4 in the world.

NEC? They're still around? Damn.

Anywho, I hope this helps, pal.
<<After writing all that, Old Greg has to poop.>>
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spartan112g  +   2693d ago
I'm no expert, but my iPhone Wifi also. And just saying, IN MY OPINION, Tmobile is my least favorite service. Just saying....
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Millah  +   2693d ago
I'm just lucky I was one of the first people in line, because I avoided this. I knew this was going to happen to with SO MANY people activating their phones all at once. Seriously what do you guys expect, this is a huge launch across the entire WORLD.
PS3Freak  +   2693d ago
I work with rogers.... we have had no such problems.
unbiased  +   2692d ago
That wall of text is pure BS
sorry to be rude. but it takes years to get a UMTS network going like AT&T. T-mob is years behind and will never catch up. UMTS/HSPDA/WCDMA is everywhere. I drove from California to Delaware and got 3g Data almost the whole drive watching TV.

ask anyone with a 3g iphone if there data is slow. even with no wifi.

"Verizon has more subscribers and a larger voice and data network--period"

Really? So I guess the 58 million Verizon customers somehow jumped to past the 81 million AT&T customer base some magical way in the last few days?

"Its also runs off a "EV-DO rev A" signal that prolly even more advanced than UTMS"

WRONG! over 80% of the world uses UMTS in almost 80 country's

back in 2006 they broke a speed that EV-DO has yet to hit.

Old Greg  +   2690d ago
wow. you really did your 3 year old research.
Hey Bro, its cool. I dont think your rude at all. If someone doesnt agree with someone, its not rude to speak up against them. Lol.
No worries.

FIRST THINGS FIRST: IPhone = Ipod that makes phone calls and does other things OCCASIONALLY with expensive apps.

Verizon is buying Alltel for like 29 billion bucks, kiddo.

With its own network in 34 states, Alltel's own wireless coverage area comprises the largest network in the United States by area. The company focuses on small to medium size cities but provides wireless services to residential and business customers in all 50 states through low-cost roaming agreements with the major national CDMA carriers including Verizon Wireless and Sprint Nextel. These agreements give Alltel customers access to nationwide service while providing those carriers coverage in rural areas.

But now Verizon is buying Alltel, and with thier EV-DO signal being modified to EV-DO Rev A, its MUCH faster than ANY signal AT&T has.
AT&T always claims they will have faster data speeds, and they show "test" results, but none of these speeds ever carry over to the real world. Verizon and Sprint are on top as far as data speeds go.
Sprints speed, is also matched by a large amount of bandwidth as well. You can transfer VERY large files on their network, which is why most businesses use them. Why isnt Sprint number one amongst consumers? Well while their numbers are growing(over 50 million), Nextel hasnt been a great a purchase as Sprint planned, and is COSTING them money. By the way, WiMax is 4G, and its ready.

Also, AT&T only has 71 million subscribers. And those are 1st Quarter 2008 numbers, buddy. Seeing how the 1stQ JUST ENDED, I seriously doubt they jumped over 10 million over night.

UMTS is used in 80% of the country? I never said it didnt. By the way WCDMA, is being used by Verizon in their World Edition phones. But yeah Tmo already has 3G rolled out a few major cities. Should be fully launched by Oct 1st. And its not a matter of "time" but more so a matter of "money"----in regards to you thinking it would take a long while for Tmo to roll out a 3G network. If they put up the cash, which they have, believe me, they could have it up BEFORE Oct 1st., but theres no need for reckless spending. Besides they have rolled out Tmo HotSpots all over the place(tons in larger cities). So with UMA from them and other wifi hotspots, I'm browsing faster and talking for free. They are doing what they can to make sure their customers have an advantage in this high-speed world. HSDPA will have to do more to beat everyone, including Tmo when the launch is official. They've put too much hype into the Iphone, when they have 2 other phones that are WAY more functional: Blackberry Curve, Palm Centro.

I dont doubt HSDPA is quick is the 3G world. You said ask anyone if their phone is was slow on 3g WITHOUT wifi. I know for a fact what they would tell me---they would say its great. But now, I ask you to find someone with wifi on their phone, and ask them how they feel about having wifi(free,much faster,larger bandwidth for bigger/more files) on their phone---and askthem which they like more.
on their
Sadly Old Greg is out of bubbles. Seeing how I dont make crazy Sony fanboy comments, I dont expect to have a bunch. But if you would like to continue this conversation, please feel free to send Old Greg a private message. And maybe we can discuss this over some Baileys!
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