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Xbox 360 Backward Compatibility Updated

The Xbox 360 backward compatibility list / functionality has been updated with support for 20 more games. Among the titles are DOOM 3, The Punisher and Lego Star Wars. Here is a complete list of games added to the backwards compatibility list:

Doom 3, Lego Star Wars, Spider-Man 1, Star Wars: Battlefront 1, Dreamfall, Amped 2, Punisher, Grabbed by the Ghoulies, 4X4 Evolution 2, State of Emergency, Silent Hill 4: The Room, FlatOut, Big Mutha Truckers, Bad Boys 2, Fatal Frame, Spawn: Armageddon, Minority Report, Zapper, MLB Slugfest 2004, Intellivision Lives, Rallisport Challenge 1, Magatama, Bistro Cupid 1, Flight Academy,Othello Seminar, Igo Seminar, Shogi Seminar, Mahjong Seminar. (Xbox 360)

jiggajayp  +   3362d ago
this is F!@#$ckin bull
Where is nfl 2k5, def jam fight for ny!!!!!
USMChardcharger  +   3362d ago
I agree
nfl 2k5 is all i want to see as well.
my guess is EA has a hand in that.

if they read the forums they know MOST xbox owners would rather play it forever than to buy madden.
Sphinx  +   3362d ago
Eh, who cares...
I'd just like to see Morrowind on there, but I'd still probably play 360 games instead of the older Xbox games... or maybe the second Prince of Persia game, I never got to beat it.
kamino77  +   3362d ago
Minority Report?
Minority Report? Spiderman 1?

How do they determine what games they will add for BC? All I ask for is Path of Neo and NHL 06. Two NEWER games. Who the hell cares about Bad Boys and Big Mutha Trucka?

schnodder  +   3362d ago
i'm crying
i want Riddick.
schnodder  +   3362d ago
they should feature an option on to allow users to post what games they would like to play B/C.

sry 4 my english.
billybob  +   3362d ago
Bistro Cupid 1? SWEET!!! ;)
kamino77  +   3362d ago
I didn't even know there was a game GRABBED BY GOULIES. Whoever picked these titles should be fired immediately.
The BS Police  +   3362d ago
That was a fun game
Grabed by the ghoulies was actually a pretty hilarious game!
DG  +   3362d ago
Give me Fifa Street 2!!!
Damn its world cup fever for dog's sake.
PS I think I read they pick the games by sales numbers (Peter Moore) but it sure doesnt seem like it.
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PS360PCROCKS  +   3362d ago
I havent played an old xbox game yet on the 360 so I could care less about these, xbox games are dull to me now lol
DG  +   3362d ago
Yeah but they are good to tie you up untill your favorite game comes out. I was waiting for hitman and bought Contracts for $20. The current 360 games are dull to me.
MJ23007  +   3362d ago
What about Soul Calibur 2, Mortal Kombat, riddick and Def Jam?? who cares about Majong??
darktangent  +   3362d ago
You know that there has to be some politics going on with B/C. Mj23007 #10 Im sure the DOA4 makers would scream if their exclusive fighting game on 360 right now got competition from B/C fighting games. While complaining to a friend about the lack of sports b/c games, my friend brought up a good point, why should you they give you a sports game b/c when there is a bigger profit in you buying the current game. Now football is another story because of EA's crappy exlusive but Im sure they are putting pressure on M$ not to have b/c nfl 2k series available.
tunecar  +   3362d ago
Two games that I actually own FINALLY included on the list...and since one of them is Doom 3, I'm happy...
ScorpioKyle  +   3362d ago
i'm surprised to see the Punisher on there, love that game and still have it. So 3 games on this list I care about, Doom 3, Lego Star Wars and Punisher.
PS3Lord   3362d ago | Spam
PS3Lord   3362d ago | Spam
MJ23007  +   3362d ago
+ THEY forgot to add the nfl2k5, prince of persia series, or morrowind what a joke?
USMChardcharger  +   3362d ago
your right...why have just one Prince or Persia and not the others.
jimferguson2006  +   3362d ago
What about Di Vinci Code?
Here you have a very popular movie, requring you to have the old XBOX console... The XBox Ninja Team should be taking out the new releases for the XBOX which won't have 360 releases.
It really bothers me that Microsoft would allow a new XBOX title out that doesn't work on the XBOX 360.
Hopefully the team at some point will complete the emulation to the point were any XBOX game will work on the 360.
How hard can it be to emulate the entire thing? Have them contact the MAME team for help.
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ahh10000  +   3362d ago
PS3Lord   3362d ago | Spam
slugg  +   3362d ago
I think the way it works....
The team comes up with new emulation code, then tests all the games that don't already work. The ones that work the best, they keep working on until they get it right. So some games are unintentional. They probably worked on code to make Battlefront 1 and Doom work, and this emulation code made other games, like Grabbed by the Goulies, work as well. But you are right about DOA4, for instance, since Ninja Gaiden works, DOA 3, DOA 2 Ultimate could/shoul work, but they probably promised Itagaki (sp?) not to make them BC so that DOA4 would sell more. (I think DOA4 is a better game anyway) Ditto DOA Extreme Beach Volleyball-- MS and Team Ninja would probably rather build hype for the 360 version coming early next year, so we won't see it BC. But as a side note, consider this: would all this be worth it if it convinces Team Ninja to make Ninja Gaiden 2 exclusively for 360? Hell yes!
Islandkiwi  +   3362d ago
Longest journey
I still wanted to play this game, so nice to see it on the list. I would like to see Mercenaries make the list.
Daewoodrow  +   3362d ago
Well, ok.
This is somewhat disappointing, but they got two of my games. And my little brother will love playing lego star wars on the 360.
I know alot of the list is crap, but I don't accuse them of swindling. I do believe them when they say making the emulators is difficult, and yes i'm well aware they could be lying. For a rare change, I trust the company on this one.
I was hoping for destroy all humans, but what can you do.
MadMax  +   3362d ago
Big deal!
How bout some Riddick and Shenmue2, maybe some Godzilla? Doom3 finally, its about frickin time that the only 1 game that really matters was finally added. Other than that why bother with any old xbox games, most of the old games werent that good to begin with. Once you start playin 360 games on an HD LCD theres no turning back. Find myself goin back to the dreamcast every so often and play the 360 the majority of the time. Concentrate on next gen games MS, all old xbox games shouldve been backwards compatible from day 1 like the ps2.
kamino77  +   3361d ago
No matter how you cut it ... this was a crappy update. No excuse.

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