Rumour: Is EA resurrecting Star Wars 1313?

MWEB GameZone writes: "Could the cancelled Star Wars third-person shooter potentially be getting a second shot at a release? A new rumour points to 'yes'."

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Relientk771260d ago

It would be awesome, if they did. The game looked sick

lord zaid1260d ago

It was an odd one to cancel though, wasn't it? Great buzz and an established property. Would be cool it the rumour is true

LordMaim1260d ago

Probably just a casualty of the Disney purchase for one reason or another. Now that the dust has settled, they can tie it into their plans for the sequels/side stories without having it step on their new canon.

DarkOcelet1260d ago

I think Visceral Games/Amy Henning Star Wars could easily be like 1313. The guys knows how to make an awesome gameplay. Dead Space 2 gameplay was top notch and one of my favorite Action/Horror games last gen. Dead Space 1 was a masterpiece horror title.

just_looken1260d ago

True but lets first see what dice did with battlefront and see what Disney did with the new star wars film to get a understanding of there current direction for star wars.

For all we know the only thing remaining is the name it could be a mobile os game or a quick cash grab style game.

Wasn't lucas arts behind it in the old days before the Disney acquisition?

Kran1260d ago

The game looked ill?

No it didnt?

(Lame joke) :P

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Sillicur1260d ago

Hopefully, i just love everything star wars!

Massacred1260d ago

1313 should really have never been canceled in the first place?

plut0nash1260d ago

Let's see how this turns out then.

CongoKyle1260d ago

It's possible. 2015 is a big year for Star Wars so it makes sense to dos o.

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The story is too old to be commented.