Little Britain coming to PSP

The developer is planning a collection of mini-games featuring Lou and Andy, Vicky Pollard, Mr. Mann, Emily and Florence, Marjorie Dawes, Daffyd Thomas, Judy & Maggie and Letty, with each mini-game playing out like a sketch from the TV show, so that all must be completed in order to reach the end credits.

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MicroGamer4395d ago

but will anybody care?? Firstly, it's for PSP,'s Little Britain. We'll probably be seeing a Borat game next.

Arkham4395d ago

"PSP, PSP... Will you give a Little Britain Game to me...? PSP SAYS YEEEESSSS......"

Yes, some people care. Granted, it's niche, so not a lot of United Statesians will really give a flying flart.

Now, if there was a Dane Cook game the Americans would go bugfcuk...

MicroGamer4395d ago

and I know Little Britain and not Dane Cook. Who is that, anyway??