Street Fighter 2 Japanese Virtual Console Video

My first Japanese VC download, followed closely by Castlevania and Zelda SNES. How did Japan get so many good VC titles this early??

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MicroGamer4395d ago

is gonna kill Sony with games like that. Everyone loves the classics.

MicroGamer4395d ago

Splatterhouse and Bonk's Adventure. :-D

oops replied to wrong post, heh.

specialguest4395d ago (Edited 4395d ago )

PS3 has their own legal line of retro games. it can also use emulators that run on Linux. this means that you can get every games possible that is availible on the internet for FREE.(Atari, NES, GBA, SNES, TG16, Gensis, Dreamcast, Neo Geo, the list goes on) not just old classic SNES SF2 games, but also actual arcade versions, Mame.

you've been uninformed there Micro. this is one department no console can beat the PS3 in.

PS360WII4395d ago

you may be right speacialguest but Sony will never see any of that money. You know stuff they need to continue being a company... It's funny that the so called hardcore fans are the reason a Co. can go down under because everyone tries to find the exploit and not buy the stuff which they want/need you to

specialguest4395d ago (Edited 4395d ago )

there are other ways around this issue where Sony can capitalize on, instead of fighting this inevitable situation. emulators right now can not be played co-oped together online. it would be an essentive for gamers to purchase the legal versions that allowed these features.

if Sony released a SF2 game that allowed online play for a tiny price, then i would also buy that legal version just for that online feature. also, SNES games will not legally be coming to the PS3 due to competition. so illegally downloading games that were never meant to be release by PS3 online will not hurt the Sony at all.

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PS360WII4395d ago (Edited 4395d ago )

Indeed. Classics are just that classic! I like the fact that they didn't do anything to it you know. As if you just blew off the dust and shoved the cart into the system ^^

ChickeyCantor4395d ago

yess it wont hurt sony, but still why bother play it on your PS3?....

commadore654395d ago

Has no one ever played sf2 online with an emulator? You can play over the internet with zsnes' net play function. There is a linux version of that.

Personally I don't mind paying a afew quid for a good game. I'm just hoping that squaresoft games go up there (chrono trigger mainly).

specialguest4395d ago

i had no idea there was net play on ZSNES now. i use to use ZSNES all the time back in the days, but i was either unaware of this feature or this feature was not availible. hmm...i better go give it a try.

as for MAME, my prefer emulator, i don't think it has netplay.

commadore654395d ago

I had a quick look at this a long time back but my 56k modem (at the time) obviously wasnt up to much.

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