Final Fantasy VIII and awkwardness

Few games dare to be awkward, and none have done it on the same scale. FFVIII is a four-disc epic about high school mercenaries fighting a psychic traveler from the future who wants to destroy linear time. It has its own collectible card game-within-a-game, Triple Triad, with shifting regional rules and obscure questlines. Flying cities crash into each other, monsters rain down from space, and no expense is spared. But what makes the game original—even charming—is the juxtaposition of its elaborate setpieces (still among the best in the series) with scenes of social disaster.

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Becuzisaid1114d ago

This game is second only to FF9

VileAndVicious1114d ago

I loved 9...but didnt care too much for 8 myself.

WizzroSupreme1114d ago

"Awkward" is the mantra that Final Fantasy has perfected for years.

Snookies121114d ago

FF VIII really did have some amazing set pieces... I absolutely loved the locations, and general feel to both the places and music that accompanied them.

cpayne931114d ago

Graphics hold up way better than ff vii. The battle system was my main problem, you just spammed GFs until you win. Got real old.

Snookies121114d ago (Edited 1114d ago )

Really? I rarely used my GF's in actual battle. I just beefed them up for stats/abilities.

My issue with the game was how easy it was to level. The main characters I liked to use (Squall, Zell and Irvine) were level 100 at disc 3 my first time through. Which sucked, because that left them weaker in terms of stats, since my GF's weren't leveled and giving them bonus stats as they went up.

cpayne931114d ago

I pretty much never used anything other than the GFs. Destroyed everything, it was the easiest method tbh, but I probably would have had more fun with the game if I did it your way. I got bored of it half way through, I actually liked the story up to that point, it wasn't ff 7, but it was still pretty good for what it was.

Mikeyy1114d ago (Edited 1114d ago )

Definitely one of the best final fantasy's ever made.

It just sucks what they did with disc 4. Why!

Becuzisaid1114d ago

What exactly are you referring to?

calis1114d ago

I'm guessing the whole space/time thing with ultinecia

ChipChipperson1114d ago

Yeah, I was wondering that too. Like clais said, and possibly the memory loss from using GFs and that whole... Edea raised nearly the entire party at an orphanage... because GFs... cause amnesia...

Name Last Name1114d ago

Yeah it got really lame. Oh! Guess what! We were all raised together! Yay!

Pozzle1114d ago (Edited 1114d ago )

I often wonder if Squaresoft ran out of time while making FFVIII and had to rush the ending, because disc 4 seems so short and hurried compared to the rest of the game.

I loved the design of Ultimecia's castle, but it would have been cool to see what the world was like after Time Compression. Having all the towns blocked off was such a cop-out. I would have loved to see different time periods warped and mashed together into one setting. It seemed like the Time Compression was leading up to something really big....then all we got was a creepy castle level.

MeteorPanda1114d ago

no one here is mentioning you can beat the game without leveling and in fact steamroll it cause bosses and monsters are set to your level. don't level, spam draw, win game :P

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