Nikitova Chooses Unreal Engine 3 for Secret Project

Nikitova LLC announced today that it has started to work on an undisclosed title that will use Epic Games' Unreal Engine 3.

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Grown Folks Talk4364d ago (Edited 4364d ago )

why does everybody only use the unreal 3 engine? is that the only engine the 360 can handle? it's just dark scenes. there's no color. it is only used to cover up the fact that the 360 can't process as well as the ps3, and lazy devs don't have to put as much effort into the games. i'm tired of everyone using unreal 3. p.s. unreal tournament 2007 for the ps3 will be the greatest game of all times and blow gears of war out of the water.

ACE4364d ago

u just made ur self to be the biggest a$$ on this site idiot

dantesparda4363d ago

I think that you just proved yourself to be the biggest idiot on this site. You dumb fanboy!

SweGoliath4364d ago


O you are sutch an F*** idiot...
Like all other 12yers old ps3 fanboys out there, First of all, EVERY GAME that ps3 have " on there so called Market" have been released on the 360. and EVERY GAME out on the ps3 now DON`T get the same good reviews like 360.
Like an example. resistens vs Gow? ,,, Gow beat the living *** out of Resistense...
And the ps3 so called Kill zone,, hmm i am sry to say it , butt turn your eyes towards Halo 3 and you will se the truly next gen engine,

And o youst 4 your note, Ut3 engine is one of the more powerfull engines out now so tell me ,, how can that engin me so dark and gray and boring,, can it be becouse THAT IS THE FIRST GAME OUT with that engin??,... good *** i am so tierd of all the ps3 fan boys,,

jdktech20104364d ago

I'll tell you in a much nicer way but you don't think Unreal Tournament doesn't use the unreal engine. They said that it did like all the way back at E3. What does it matter anyway? If the unreal engine can create awesome looking games, I'm not one to complain since I didn't make the game or talk to the creator of it with my suggestions. I ask you to do the same please.

PS3n3604364d ago

#1 was being sarcastic you morons!

Grown Folks Talk4364d ago (Edited 4364d ago )

has common sense. notice the title of my post, and notice the the fact that the news is also for ps3. perfect example of why there is so much nonsense on this site. people can't open their eyes or their minds. i thought the sarcasm was pretty obvious based off of the last line alone. bashing the unreal engine and then praising an unreal engine game. then again, you know what happens when you ASSume.

silent ninja4364d ago

devs use it because its cheap as in its not as expensive as developing u own engine

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