What On Earth has Capcom Done to Claire Redfield?

Capcom's latest incarnation Resident Evil Revelations 2 has Claire Redfield looking very different to how she has appeared before. Some might argue she's more realistic, and others being morphed into a particular talk show host.

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firelogic1238d ago

Would never know she was Claire Redfield if someone didn't tell me. That's a sign of terrible character design. They should have been able to increase the realism whilst maintaining her established appearance.

jc485731238d ago (Edited 1238d ago )

I'm going to be honest with ya. People will always complain with the changes they make to the character. When Code Veronica X came out, me and bros thought that Claire was kinda ugly (in the game), but we eventually got used to her new design. We had the same reaction for this version just like we did with Jill on Revelations, but we still moved on to finish the prequel. I'm certain people will forget about her new look because there are other things we should be concern about like the story and gameplay mechanics of the game.

Let us keep in mind that the guy behind Revelations series is not really well known for character designs, but even Capcom as whole hasn't been very consistent with character modeling as of late. Take DmC for example.

Baka-akaB1238d ago

Difference is every main resident evil used to be pretty good graphically , on top of a decent art design . And while your opinions and probably a few others diverged on Code veronica's calire , it was never widespread and the mixed bag of feelings we see here .

This game , from a graphical point looks plain , not bad but very plain , and with a discutable design

Tdmd1238d ago

Seriously? This Claire looked ugly to you?! :o

jc485731238d ago

not as cute as the first game.

breakpad1238d ago (Edited 1238d ago )

they follow the new pseudo-feminist idiotic trend of non-sexualized (aka non hot or attractive) women depictions in videogames which was heavily promoted by some ambiguous youtube personas who claim themselves to be critics ...Capcom you r getting from bad to worse...

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jc485731238d ago (Edited 1238d ago )


It's not just Resident Evil mate, more like game in general. Ever since the internet boom and accessibility, opinions/criticisms have been spreading like disease. Just look at The Order, how much slack has it been getting? People questioning about graphics and length.

Tdmd1238d ago

From super hot top model to super... ok-ish lady suckin a lemon.

DarkOcelet1238d ago (Edited 1238d ago )

They should have kept the Claire looks from the movie. She was hot!

DevilOgreFish1238d ago (Edited 1238d ago )

I don't see anything wrong with her.......wouldn't she be in her mid to late 40s now anyways? I mean if you look at Chris and Leon in re6, it would only be realistic to see other people the same way.

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PaulFiend1238d ago

Dunno, maybe she has just grown older.

ShaunCameron1238d ago

Exactly. Nobody stays young forever.

Cueil1238d ago

she looks like someone who has a huge amount of stress put on her every day... not surprising she looks worn down and sleep deprived.

kayoss1238d ago

Damn it, now when I play this game I will be reminded about tobey McGuire .

pompombrum1238d ago

In the words of Ash "Hunny, you got real ugly"

CocoWolfie1238d ago

anybody seen tomb raider between underworld, reboot, and definitive? :') even steroid chris from remaster to 5? XD ...i dont see anything wrong with it. she looks better in my opionion, she looks more distinguishing.

jc485731238d ago

just different, but it appears to be the end of the world for some.

loganbdh1236d ago

Steroid Chris didnT come until after code Veronica FYI... he had to fight wesker

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