Cover updated for The Art of the Uncharted Trilogy

The cover has been updated for The Art of the Uncharted Trilogy.

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Neonridr1385d ago

damnit, I misread that title. For a second I thought it was talking about the cover art for an upcoming Uncharted Trilogy. My jaw dropped for a second before I realized my mistake.


LAWSON721384d ago

I am all for a HD collection, but really a jaw drop seems like a little much lol

Neonridr1382d ago

I haven't played any of the PS3 games, so for me, it would be a big opportunity to set myself up for UC4.

LordMaim1384d ago

Same here, dammit. I'm torn between playing it again now, or waiting for a summer release of the Uncharted trilogy prior to U4's release.

-Foxtrot1385d ago

They really need to get their online store sorted for Europe

By the time we get to buy stuff from their site all the good, limited stuff will have passed. Already missed the 30th anniversary Artwork from them :|

NuggetsOfGod1384d ago (Edited 1384d ago )

As good as uncharted games look the art is beautiful and plain to me.

So unimaginative, but u suppose that's because it's a realistic type of setting.

I know I will be call an xbox fan now but I like halo 5 art is better.

Knowone has beaten Dishonored/ Guild Wars 2 /Skyrim/ Metal gear solid art books imo.
Also monster hunter is yummy.

I just never thought real life photoreal settings are the most creative.

Sy_Wolf1384d ago

Anyone who calls you a fanboy is an idiot. Personal preference is just that, personal. While I don't agree with you that doesn't make your opinion any less valid. What makes art so cool is it's totally in the eye of the beholder, never feel bad for liking something others don't. It's all about what you personally take from it.

Rimeskeem1384d ago

what I find really cool about the trilogy is that the visuals made pretty big changes even though they were all on the PS3.

One-Shot1384d ago

Ign had the cover revealed like in January.