Australia's piracy crackdown will hurt everyone

You're about to pay even more to get online in Australia, as major ISPs band together to crack down on internet piracy. Even if everything you download is legal, you'll still be slugged with the bill - and while the focus is on TV shows, movies and music, video games are next in the firing line.

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DarkOcelet1095d ago

Ok, that makes me glad i dont live in Australia. This is way too harsh if it really happened.

DragoonsScaleLegends1095d ago

I see nothing wrong with Video Game piracy if the game is not being sold anymore.

XSpike1094d ago

The 3 strike law is already been in NZ for a few years now, its done nothing at all. As far as I've heard only 1 person so far has gotten 3 strikes and lost his internet from that ISP.

You need 3 warnings and they clear after 12 months... Almost not worth it for the CR holders if they got to send out warnings before they can take action, and to get to that 3rd warning would be pretty hard pretty much a waste of money for everybody involved in this policy as it does nothing..

Grap1094d ago

That doesn't mean it's not bad..

Pozzle1095d ago (Edited 1095d ago )

Fucking hell, this country is backwards. I don't support pirating, but can you really blame us for doing it? We get movies months after America, we don't get ANY popular TV shows (e.g Game of Thrones is only on pay tv, Walking Dead is seasons behind, many shows that are debuting here is shit that was canceled in America), and our games are double the price of other countries.

Instead of actually looking into WHY Australia is one of the biggest pirating nations, they just continue punishing and punishing us.

BitbyDeath1095d ago

Exactly and if you want GoT, you've got to pay around $45 a month to have that channel (drama) included.

And to top that off you are then locked in for 12 months meaning you can't just pay $90 and stop you have to pay the whole $540 and that is still excluding whatever equipment you are req'd to purchase to see it all.

Such a rip.

fallacious1095d ago (Edited 1095d ago )

Tony abbott should get a bullet in his face. And his groin for good measure.

joel_c171094d ago

This was proposed by that twat stephen conroy from Labor way before Tony came about

caseh1094d ago

"our games are double the price of other countries."

Against the Sterling, it's actually the same price yet the AUS minimum wage is roughly 2/3s more.

You wanna get truly screwed on prices? Come to the UK.

P.S. We get sunshine about 3 weeks every year.

Rhythmattic1094d ago (Edited 1094d ago )

Interestingly, I buy games for ozgameshop based in the UK..
I buy from them because Its generally 2/3rd's the price... Sometimes Half !
Also , all local DLC in Australia off the PSN store is supported due to being in the equivalent "PAL" territory...

Weird ay ?

Edited for Spelling ;)

ShaunCameron1094d ago

For TV, it's the exclusive licensing agreement between the show's producers and the local TV networks.

For video games, you're just paying market price by your country's standards due to the overall living costs and wages.

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Stiffler1095d ago

I'm already paying $150 a month for unlimited (actually 500gb but they call it unlimited just ~cos~) and I live just outside of Sydney. IF these plans come to fruition I can almost guarantee that we will express public outrage as we're already paying ridiculous amounts for internets, games and pretty much every form of digital entertainment.

Wasn't there a report last year that revealed us Aussies pirated Game of Thrones the most in the world? Well guess what, we do so because the only way to watch that show legally is through a Foxtel sub. Basically we get ripped off by everyone and they wonder why we pirate the above the big TV shows? Yeh, I wonder...

Honestly they're gonna have a baaaad tiiiime if they try this BS.

DarkOcelet1095d ago

Believe me my friend. Their plan wont last long. People will not like this at all. If something like this happen in my country then they sure as hell will be ****ing themselves up. There will riots in the streets everywhere.

Stringerbell1095d ago

Well there is hope with the National Broadband Network. Hopefully new providers will step in to counter these arcane pricing schemes.

PoSTedUP1095d ago

fight for your rights, australia. the biggest changes are sometimes the quietest and most subtle (boycott, petition, voting with your dollar etc.). if history has taught us anything...

BitbyDeath1095d ago

The countries freedom is held hostage by Rupert Murdoch who not only owns Foxtel but also owns the media (newspaper, tv channels etc) and has hands in politicians pockets.

Basically we can't do anything as he controls everything.

hellothere19771095d ago

Fight back. If you are unjustly oppressed, stand up and fight to correct it. As opposed to saying nothing and then use them as a scapegoat to rationalize piracy (like some poster above did).

ameliabaz1095d ago (Edited 1094d ago )


Ha! Fight back how, exactly? You really think the Australian government is going to give a shit about people protesting a piracy crackdown, or whether Australians have access to Game of Thrones or the latest video games? Dream on. The government here recently cut funding to universities and when students protested, police threw tear gas in their faces and the media portrayed them as a bunch of crazy hippies stirring up trouble for no reason. When people protested against their houses being demolished to build a freeway in Melbourne, police arrested them for being a 'public nuisance' and politicians either ignored them or made fun of them. Our government is too busy throwing rocks at each other to care about anything the public wants or fights for.

There are many reasons why piracy is popular in Australia and it has nothing to do with Australians not 'fighting back' hard enough. Don't blame Australians for making the best of a shitty situation.

hellothere19771094d ago (Edited 1094d ago )


Ha! Fight back how, exactly? You really think the [English] government is going to give a shit about people protesting a [taxation] crackdown, or whether [colonist] have access to [freedom] or the latest [needs)? Dream on. The government here recently [taxed without representation] and when [colonist] protested, [English soldiers] threw [them in jail] and the media portrayed them as a bunch of [traitors] stirring up trouble for no reason. When people protested against the [British monarch] in [Boston], [British soldiers] arrested them for being a 'public nuisance' and [British] politicians either ignored them or made fun of them. [The British government] is too busy [lining their own pockets] to care about anything the public wants or fights for.

I don't need to revise your remaining statement since Americans did something about the governmental oppression on them, and now we are no longer slaves to a self ordained king.

ameliabaz1094d ago


That's ridiculous and not comparable at all. You've basically just said that people should start a civil war and even risk death to fight against a freaking piracy crackdown.

hellothere19771094d ago


Haha, say and think what you will. Obviously the point of my reply went over your head.

You do what you need to do, but you get no sympathy from me when you have complaints about the way your government does things to you, yet choose not to address the issue with the appropriate party. Instead, you are angry at your government, so you reason that makes it ok to steal/pirate from others.

If you choose to do nothing, enjoy eating those gas bombs from your protectors.

All the best to you. I don't wish to waste any more bubbles on this conversation.

dreamed1094d ago

He also controls uk politicians too,god their all so feckin corrupt.....which i dont mind,what pisses me off is while the establishment are molesting kids they throw my friend in jail for a bit of weed.

ameliabaz1094d ago


No, your point did not go over my head. I just think your point is absolutely stupid and delusional. People HAVE fought for their rights in Australia and they got nothing but punishment and media mockery from it. So I find it offensive that you think Australians just aren't 'fighting back' hard enough. I've explained why piracy is so common here and you respond by saying that Australians are thieves who you have no sympathy for. Well, fuck you. We don't need your sympathy.

Oh and by the way, I didn't say that people are pirating anything because they're 'angry at the government'. They're pirating because THEY DON'T HAVE LEGAL ACCESS TO THE THINGS THEY ARE PIRATING. If we had legal access to such media, then there would be less piracy. Duh.

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Mr-Zex1095d ago (Edited 1095d ago )

As if it isn't frustrating enough to deal with the cost of things now they wanna crack down on piracy and raise the prices even higher? I swear thanks to Tony Abbott this country just get less easier to live in, might as well just make this country one run under capitalism cause it feels like that's the direction it's heading when you give the people barely any say or choice.

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