Ep469: The Order: 1886 A Flop? Peter Molyneux Interview Sparks Outrage (GTR)

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Happy Birthday Gamertag Radio! The Order: 1886 A Flop? Peter Molyneux Interview Sparks Outrage, Double Fine’s Tim Schafer defends Peter Molyneux over ‘unfair’ criticism, Evolve review by Peterocc & Fan Mail

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Moldiver1390d ago

Godfree. Holla at me...Let me make you some good intro music for your show!

Venomousfatman1390d ago

I havent played the Order yet, but I think that it may be a thing when a ton of people are really not happy with how the game has turned out.

fallacious1389d ago

Or the people who are happy don't talk shit about it online because they're fine with it. Often the vocal ones are the minority.

NegativeCreep4271389d ago (Edited 1389d ago )

Very true, fallacious. And as anyone who has even a moderate amount of first-hand knowledge of the Internet knows, the detractors (i.e. fanboys) on the other side of the fence usually make up the greatest amount (or at least a significant amount) of that minority; The ones that are so inherently critical of a video game are typically not even within the buying public or consumer base for said video game.

1389d ago
mep691389d ago

Thats why uber-feminists get away with it. Noisy minority ruins alot of things.

Silly gameAr1389d ago

How about when there are a lot of people that are?

ger23961389d ago

Unhappy? The game play was posted on YouTube prior to release. People had enough time to cancel their pre orders or not buy it at all. In this day and age there is no excuse to not do some research before making a purchase of any kind.

Transporter471389d ago

I bought the game, and I am extremely happy for the way it turned out. Can it have improvements? Yes, but that doesn't make me unhappy. I am pretty satisfied :D

Letthewookiewin1389d ago

Same here. They have the engine now they can focus on expanding the world and gameplay. The ending was great, including the post credit one.....

VforVideogames1389d ago (Edited 1389d ago )

No hate here but you can return it now , 5 hours later.

James Vanderbeek1389d ago (Edited 1389d ago )

the only people mad at the game is the media because its not like call of duty. haha. ps4 gamers are enjoying it.

I really enjoyed it.

aPerson1389d ago

"PS4 gamers are enjoying it"

I certainly didn't and I was one of the ones looking forward to "playing" it.

1389d ago
OUROSMAG1389d ago (Edited 1389d ago )

A ton of people not happy? Trying reading posts on facebook, the people who comment on how much they love the game, far outnumbers those who are not happy... and half of those unhappy people are seemingly trolls.

Sorry but People are loving this game.

OrangePowerz1389d ago

I like it a lot. Would I rate it with a 10/10 or 9/10? No it has some faults and flaws (the length isn't one of them), but the gunplay is solid, I played games with a higher cutscene to gameplay ratio (looking at you MGS series and particularly MGS4), and there aren't as many QTEs as reviews make it look (it does contain some that I think are not necessary). I can see why it wouldn't be a game for certain people, but really a scire like 5/10 or 6/10 doesn't do the game justice. In a time where we get one unpolished and buggy game after another they deliver a highly polished product that's free of major bugs and rarely has any small ones.

I think they delivered on what they wanted to deliver.

nucky641389d ago

the question is venom: have the people not happy witht game even played it?....I would say no. those who are not happy just spew general negative comments without giving specifics about the game. and I've only been able to get one of the haters to reply and then, he hasn't given me anything particular to the game that supports his opinion that the game is a let-down.

Battlefieldlover1389d ago

Don't know if you really care but I just finished it and aside from the ending (clearly setting up For a second) I absolutely loved this game. The only real problem with The Order is its price.

Ps. Didn't hate the ending, I just like closure from games and movies, but it is effective in leaving me wanting more.

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fallacious1389d ago

This game is better than anything molyneux has made. He should seriously just quit making games.

OrangePowerz1389d ago (Edited 1389d ago )

For my view on The Order you can look a bit further up, but in a short summary I like it a lot.

I still don't agree with your comment. Molyneux did work on several excellent and amazing games that shapped some genres or in the case of the god game genre created it. He worked on Populous, Syndicate, Theme Park, Dungeon Keeper, Black and White, Fable and some others. That is quite an achievement when you look at an industry that has a high amount of people going into other industries after a short time because you earn a lot more doing similar stuff in other fields and a high likelihood for people getting burned out. I don't think he is bad as a game developer in itself, just that he isn't that good at containing his enthusiasm towards certain ideas or features he wants to have in the game. I fully think he should know better what can and can't be done in games and should present a more realistic view on his projects.

The thing is most developers would talk like that about their games. You are excited about what you do, if you wouldn't you wouldn't get through all the ridiculous hours and extensive crunch times and still do a decent job.

The difference is most of the people that are allowed to talk about their games have extensive training in how to do so and have to follow a strict script provided by the PR guys. For whatever reason he doesn't follow that.

kratoz12091389d ago

I enjoyed it

Short but sweet and hopefully the sequel fixes those problems

DevilOgreFish1389d ago

I'm sure 1886 has a fanbase, Ryse Has one as well.

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