Sony Hesitates to Bring PlayStation 3 to Korea

Japan's Sony has seen the successful release of its next-generation game console PlayStation 3, but the date for a release in Korea has yet to be set.

PlayStation 3 is a key product for the company which has staked everything on its development. Sony introduced PS3 in Japan and then the U.S. and will release the game console in Europe in March. But so far, Sony Computer Entertainment Korea has not scheduled a Korean release.

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shikwan4396d ago

They know it'll be hacked within days of it's release there, is why.

MicroGamer4396d ago

because Sony is so short sighted.

360pluswiiequalsps34395d ago

- they cant even afford a ps2
- their parents will beat them if they ask for a ps2
- they have to stick with their pcs
- most of them play free pc online games

PS3n3604395d ago

In what way was that launch successful. One year late with half the promised already weak shipment numbers and not one single decent launch title

DEIx15x84395d ago

Is that conversion rate listed accurate? If it is these are the prices listed:
PS2: $203.44456404736
PS3 50: $484.39181916039
PS3 60: $645.85575888052

How are they claiming to lose money on each PS2 when it sells in the US for over $50 cheaper? Why is the 50 gig model of the PS3 cheaper yet the 60 gig model is way to expensive? None of this makes any sense!

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